And then I was told the manga was still ongoing? It’s not about theorizing anymore, it’s about them finding a way to travel time. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Time to drink more and forget for next week. Join the MSP Club for an in-depth look at score progressions and other stats of currently airing anime. View my complete profile.

Jizzy, I know you have no idea how to argue for shit,. He was pretty funny this episode with his reations to Yoshino’s bullshit. Damn need next episode. Reflection of Anime Now I wonder whether Hakaze can return or not. Here’s the Wiki note on Ariel: This is quality stuff.

They’re really pushing the Hakaze fanservice.

Mahiro loved his step sister, and he’s the one that discovered her dead body. She needs hi-tech stuff. Wow way to go Yoshino, though I expected some kind of amazing theory this is fine too. I thought Samon’s eye was going to twitch out of his head.

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Twitter Tumblr Facebook Pocket Pinterest. BBCode If you really want to fit in, just put Legend of the Galactic Heroes in your top 5 and have it be the only rated anime in your list. Zetsuen no Tempest Episode zzetsuen Discussion.

You think there will be only talking for the next 4 episodes from a minute dialogue? Mikatan’s Blog English Version. I love how Samon went from confident to melting on the ground in 5 seconds. That was a pretty good episode considering that no one moved more than a few steps the entire episode haha. I lost track of time watching this zrtsuen.

Zetsuen No Tempest Episode 10: How to Make a Time Machine

And its freaking brilliant. It zetsuej me think of how Zetsuen no Tempest would appear as an American live action show though. Hearing her voice through the doll Speaking of faces, I think the animators of Code Geass had lots of fun giving Lelouch fantastic faces as well when his plans failed.


Why the hell are you here? They really did well with all the scenes though. Then he will need Hakaze if he wants to resolve her situation. I could be completely wrong. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Watching these last few episodes has been so gratifying. Wow so Animeuultima plan had a different episoce than what I was expecting.

Currently watching this, I like it so far. And I have no idea of pronunciation. I couldn’t believe that Yoshino would come up with that crazy theory that actually made a lot of sense even though it was a complete lie. Since Hakaze is based on the character of Prospero, it makes elisode certain degree of sense that Yoshino chooses the name Ariel in order to help Hakaze. Hakaze is genuinely 2 years into the past and there’s no way around it, this should have been clear at this point but it look like aetsuen people still doesn’t beleive it.

Alright Zetsuen no Tempestlemme be real with you for a second: Even though he doesn’t have any magic abilities it seems he has some kind of power, I mean 2 episodes ago he beated that spear guy with his bare hands?

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Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. This is what the manga is like – chapter after chapter of amazing dialog animeultlma book-ends amazing action.

Mo Hakaze out of her despair and making Samon all nervous and getting mindfucked by logic. This Blog Has Moved! Ratings would plummet and critics would bash the show for being pretentious. It was brilliant in and of itself, but the fact that it was simply used as part of a ploy was incredible.


Though there’s some magic to barrel. Shin Sekai Yori episode 9: Related wiki Tokyo Ghoul. Daily Duffy Archive 2 years ago. Also, Samon isn’t a great antagonist. Yay for flashbacks making her very important. We the audience thought he had some grand master plan to travel through time that he thought of on the spot but it turns out this whole ploy was just a morale boost for Hakaze and a demoralizer for Samon. The power of her magic is directly related to the level of technology – wooden barrels are low-tech.

Poor Samon, his clan has been waiting 60 years to spring this little party, his whole life has been focused on it, against all odds he is standing on the precipice of success, and then his starring role gets completely usurped by complete amateurs while all he can do is to babble like a epieode fool. This episode just went in a giant circle to end up back in the beginning okay, maybe a tiny step forward.

It has been nothing short of very amusing indeed. I wonder what Junichirou is up to.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 10 Discussion

Just bring her back! This episode had me really enthralled. I hope she comes back as the true villain and everything was part of her plan to bring forth the apocalypse just for the laughs. Yeah I know Kasumi was working on the music but she And then I was told the manga was still ongoing?