A man of the stature and probity of J. Harvard University Press, , chapter Jane Chapman , a film producer and reader in media studies at the University of Lincoln , called Zeitgeist “a fast-paced assemblage of agitprop ,” an example of “unethical film-making”. Another trick they use is repetition. There was a wide variety of differing view about Jesus floating around the Empire, all vying for attention and legitimization. What would be the point of blowing up an empty building?

The film advocates the following actions for achieving social change: But when the stories of Matthew and Luke are read separately, we find that they disagree in every detail. I come from a a strong, supportive, and nurturing Christian upbringing and I also have a quality post secondary education. The hijacked planes were packed with explosives and flown by remote control Some conspiracy theorists believe the passengers supposedly on board were either killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped at sea, or were part of the conspiracy and are now in hiding with new identities. His birth was accompanied by a star in the east, which in turn, three kings followed to locate and adorn the new-born savior. This wind, combined with the blast generated by the heat of the crashing plane, would easily have carried debris from the crash the short distance to the lake.

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Robert Flaherty was the Michael Moore of the s, only he left more illegitimate Inuit children in his wake. Bailey and Paul B.

Nothing but bricks and limestone. The Zeitgeist Movement is clearly an example of zeitfeist faith-based movement, not a scientifically-based one, and Peter Joseph has become a religious cult leader.

Rights and reuse information. Second, Winter Solstice actually occurs on December 21 or 22, not December I read the religious book called The Great Controversy that was mailed to me a while back from who knows where, therefore I determined for myself that religion is just to control us and get our money.

Retrieved 1 October DVD Jul 01, “Please retry”. I found this to zeitgeidt a good analysis of all these conspiracy theories – http: Ehrman, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture: Jon Siegel, 31 Jan.


I’m not all that impressed so far – it’s interesting, but some of it’s arguments are based on some inaccuracies, as far as Christianity.

Debunked: Zeitgeist – Parts I, II and III – Dandelion Salad

Miller and Robert V. It was during this meeting that the politically motivated Christian Doctrines were established and thus began a long history of Christian bloodshed and spiritual fraud.

He said there would be a terrorist attack, most likely at the world trade center, it would be an inside job and it would be done using hijacked planes. Tragically, not all of the families get in, damning those kids to schools where they’ll hopefully at zeitggeist be taught how to tell when their pimp is cutting their zeutgeist with too much baking soda.

To insist otherwise, as Joseph does in his film, is to be ignorant of both history and mythology. But more importantly, the history of the crucifix has very little to do with the Zodiac.

Crescent Books,p. Naval Institute Press, Each one of the dying-and-rising gods mentioned by Joseph with the possible exception of Horus experienced excruciating deaths in the stories told about them, but none were said to have been crucified.

The part early in the film in which the Egyptian god Horus is being discussed is a particularly egregious case in point. McFadden was an extremely shady individual who believed that the Jews not only controlled the American economy, but that they were also responsible for a number of major economic upheavals and changes, especially in the United States.

Alan Feuer of The New York Times noted that while the first film was famous for alleging that the attacks of September 11 were an inside job, the second, “was all but empty of such conspiratorial notions, directing its rhetoric and high production values toward posing a replacement for the evils of the banking system and a perilous economy of scarcity and debt”.

9/11 conspiracy theories debunked

Of course, this more convenient single nationwide standard that Congress envisioned has not yet come to fruition, and the May date of implementation predicted by Zeitgeist has come and gone. Moreover, there are actually 13 constellations through which the sun passes, not twelve. Brown, The Birth of the Messiah: Go on with your beliefs and inner agreement systems, but life will unfold, things will happen, events will occur, and life will as nature does, change. He gave no sources, but it turns out that most of these same claims about other gods having the same details as the Jesus stories come from a book called The Christ Conspiracy: They are simply the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, which Jesus, being the Sun, travels about with.


For 30 daysMorgan Spurlock decided he would only eat food sold by McDonald’s.

They were probably Parthians, since the Parthian Empire was the only territory east of Israel other than the Arabian Desert. The current worldwide situation is described as disastrous.

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The Non-Mystery of Pumapunku. It alienates a large portion of a could-be audience, mainly many Christians who, because this is how the film begins, are immediately turned off, and 2.

They enlisted Richard Whitney, acting president of the Exchange, to act as their intermediary. There is certainly no need to posit the existence of mpvie vast conspiracy to control gullible masses. It is also worth pointing out that nobody was inside WTC 7 when it fell, and no casualties zsitgeist from that particular collapse. Also seen critically is the need for cyclical consumption in order to maintain market shareresulting in wasted resources and planned obsolescence.

I intend to read his new book. Even when quotes or sound bites are attributed to a source, there’s no way to tell if they are quoted correctly or in context. First-time viewers of Zeitgeist are liable to get a strong sense that they have been zeitgeeist violently out of one documentary and treated to another when they view as far as Part II.