Then I found this site and decided to join. That’s a hefty thing. I always thought, “Man, it’d be so cool to be part of the Dollars! People on the net are usually attacking each other, so I guess it’s nice to find a place where it’s mostly unified and all that. I joined like most people. At least spell check your posts if you’re going to piss on someone about their spelling. It feels as if I’m over the entire world.

And I’m still in shock that this actually existed! Kudos to whoever made it. Which fits because you are a creepy fuckface. But my answer is simple ” i joined the dollars because we try to stop violence [right? To actually make a difference. I thought that it’d be a nice community to be a part of. Was amazed and proud. This is a large community and there are people from everywhere.

Young Justice Episode Earthlings – WorldofBlackHeroes

dubappy Heh, WHY are the Dollars existent? D Btw nice topic! I just want to be me. Jusice a group like this, with so many people aiding the world, there’s no way it’s going unnoticed! I just happened to find the site and went right on in. Pe4VlDxB [ Del ] pppbbbttt cuz i felt lyke it. People on the net are usually attacking each other, so I guess it’s nice to find a place where it’s mostly unified and all that.

I so want to be apart of that. This is actually one of the first chat sites I’ve ever been on, because let face it people on the internet can eplsode so mean, but after seeing all the great things done here gives me hope for the future internet generation!!!


Young Justice

I also to be a part of something nice. Plus I like meeting other people!!

Really respect the whole goal of this creation. I dont regret it, I love the dollars site and more. I mean, the password isn’t even to keep people out. Stop relying on others. Man, how sweet picking up some trash and disposing of it in the proper bins felt on the way home.

Boy, that really made me yell with excitement. See the FAQ for more info, and welcome to the Dollars. R9io4hKB [ Del ] Because ive seen from the anime that this is great website! It’s a group of people you should be able to rely on or at least talk to.

D that’s what happened to me!

That’s a hefty thing. Not to say that everyone that came here cause of DRRR is retarded though. Fan, so I did a little research, to find site like the Dollars, ’cause I thought it’d be interesting to know if someone had a site about this.

An I wanted justics help people.

While looking through the comments on the last episode I saw one single link to this website. Being a member of this awesome community is also my best kept secret, it feels like I’m living a double life or something. Needless to say,I had a hard time fitting in. AZutblK1 [ Del ] i would do the same thing as 9. UmnjdxP6 [ Del ] i like being in a group not specifically a bad group also i dubahppy to chat with other people as well and i like the dollars. ZLB3i78v [ Del ] I joined because i liked the concept of a epsiode “gang” that helps the community YxioJ9hU [ Del ] To have a place where I wouldn’t have to deal with the ignorant people who ruin life for the people who truly have earned their happiness.


Up0iRewr [ Del ] i joined after watching durarara.

This is amazing I can’t even believe thissss: This isn’t a fansite bro. Its time for something interesting to be introduced in the world in my opinion and the Dollars have the potential to do this. I hope that one day, the dollars will be a dubhsppy name. QDaphn5y [ Del ] I joined because to be honest I really wanted to do some good in this world even if it is just a small deed that no one notices.