Promotional poster for King of Ambition. He could take smaller roles until he is ready and yet he is picking roles too big for him but somehow it is everyone else’s fault But wait, it does get better. Actually after seeing her picture here I thought they were the same person. Call me damn shit, but whenever you guys bash about Yunho’s acting skill deficiency, my heart seems to break for him For no ulterior motive whatsoever!

Not only did Da Hae send Ha Ryu’s ass to prison, her neglect caused the death of their daughter So saying people are hating isn’t exactly accurate. It is because you are a fan and not because he is aware about his acting. In Yawang , Kwon Sang-woo plays a man named Ha Ryu, which immediately pinged my admittedly hole-ridden memory โ€” because that was the name of the character he was initially supposed to play in Daemul. Tru2u September 5, at 5: I personally never said he has an inability to act He’s just okay, not as bad as some idols but not amazinggg either, and KSW is like beyond amazingggggg, so people can’t help but compare I guess. Hana Kai’s Noona February 4, at

I gave up on Kwon Sang-woo dramas long time ago Love me a cutie with range!

Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Finale

Although I guess besides Kwon Sang-woo, the others are secondary threads I’d say his acting really is that bad. Didn’t Kwon Sang woo already do a twin drama thing Retrieved 22 March I still don’t know anything about the plot Go Joon Hee calls Kwon Sang Woo and scolds him for not remembering that today is his father birthday Have you even been watching his acting.

I agree the premise sounds interesting though very similar to Nice Guy, but somehow I like the idea of watching a woman driven by ambition because it could be fun to watch a drama where both leads toe the line between likability, but I’m still not sure whether to try Nice Guy or this one first He’s just okay, not as bad as some idols but not amazinggg either, and KSW is like beyond amazingggggg, so people can’t help but compare I guess.


Why do I feel like Yunho is the idol shoved in for popularity BDK starting to fall for HR Hana HoMilex February 5, at 7: Baek Do Hoon seems ehh to me.

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He’s been in 2 musicals since ywwang, so I really do hope he’s improved. Though, if you still consider that bashing, then so be it.

Yeah, I went there. DH asking HR to finance her studies in America. Well, for him I guess.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Episode 6 by Helcat. Yunho is not really good but not bad either. Jun Ji Hyun’s husband retires from Uawang of America.

Sohn Tae-young cameos on Yawang, insults Kwon Sang-woo ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Every movie they’ve starred in failed and the only focus on their TV dramas are what bags they carried and what brand of clothing they wore. Joo Yang Heon Now she’s basically trying to get protection from her step brother after killing his dad. I don’t know why King of Dramas needs an extension.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Episodes by odilettante. Hana Kai’s Noona February 4, at BDH’s love for DH is commendable. Ara February 4, at They just had to kill that adorable little girl. Deeliteful September 5, at 3: I’m not saying everyone here is doing that, but there are definately several that are Kwon Sang Woo really great actor How stupid those company can be.


Not to mention that an ambitious woman would want to achieve her own goals, rather than be a wife to a succesful man.

Decap December 7, at 7: Not trying to be mean, but he yawaang stick to what he does best, dancing and singing. I really like Su Ae so may be i’ll try to watch this one Either way, netizen was being ridiculous, Soo Ae’s character is the one who chose to have an affair, Soo Ae’s character is the only one at fault in this whole mess. News 1 via Nate I like Go Jun-hee a lot – her speaking voice and delivery are unique, and she is beautiful.

Actually after seeing her picture here I thought they were the same person. The news turned off my interest of this drama a bit, he can’t act. And while the images themselves are not that interesting, the description finally has my interest piqued.

Lol not really being defensive, but I really just don’t see how saying someone “can’t act” is bashing. I am wondering what kind of situation the writer will imagine to show off Kwon Sang-woo abs in this drama since it’s kind of his trademark Please enter your username or email address. X February 5, at 3: Lol, it sounds like Nice Guy without all the memory-loss.