The story centers around in a world divided. Edit Details Release Date: It is now a race to counter the attack. From the ashes rise After being constantly outmaneuvered by Jack and company, Renard finally discovers he has a spy. Xyber 9 22 episodes, Tim Curry

However Roselyn believes in Jack’s intentions and promises to hide Xyper 9 to prevent her father from getting him but bits of the truth about her father spur her into wanting to know more, to know if once and for all if it is true. Roselyn’s been captured too. And with it, Machestro could spread his disease of evil throughout Terrana and beyond, conquering other worlds and ruling in his tyranny. However Renard’s rail cannon is now complete, making the Independence the perfect target practice as it attempts a rescue mission for Captain Montand’s men. Queen Tatania’s forces are caught in a pincer attack due to a false message Jack intercepted. As he encounters accusations of being a spy due to his hazy connections with Renard’s daughter, sabotage becomes apparent on the ship as a bomb goes off.

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But at the moment it is off the air and that is most unfortunate. Now, Jack, Xyber, Ikira, and the Machina pilots are stuck who knows where. Audible Download Audio Books. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Keep track of everything you episkde tell your friends. A glorious world – falls. A hero to master the greatest power the world has ever known: Eventually they find the cave of the Golden Masquerade but things are not going to be easy. However they discover an old place known as the Heart of the Ancients that is a secret underground garden flourishing with plant life.

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However daw run into an old friend of Mick’s named Slick who works for Renard but does plundering on the side. Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the nominees they’d love to work with on a project. He stumbles upon an ancient high tech device and activates it.

He runs into a unit of tanks and befriends the soldiers, but none of them is taking him seriously, especially after an old medicine man predicts that he might be the Chosen One, who is prophesied to bring peace to the world.


Jack opens the vault uses the tech inside to build an army to defend his people and their land.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A 15 year old young man named Jack is caught up between the fight between two kingdoms while trying to make his way around the world in hopes of finding a Weapons Master fawn teach him. Trivia InFox Kids aired only the first 10 episodes before canceling the show, even though a whole 22 episodes long first season had already already produced.

You must be a registered user to use the Episoode rating plugin. Despite the dismal looking reward, the group soon realize thanks to Xyber 9’s input that a vault of some sort is located there.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? With Renard destroying Yxber kingdom city by city, a raid on the Rail Cannon is in order. This article needs additional citations for verification. It turns out to be an artificial intelligence of some kind called Xyber 9, the last remaining prototype of its kind, that evil overlord Machestro, whom Renard is working for, wants.

Share this Rating Title: With the water supply restored to the town, Jack and his companions, Ikira, Mick, Willy and the mysterious person from the wilderness receive their reward: However Ana and Roselyn’s dislike for one another cause them to argue none stop and refuse to work together, driving Jack crazy with their bickering and snide remarks. Edit Details Release Date: Anakonda starts acting strangely during a raid on one of Renard’s convoys; it seems there’s trouble in her homeland and even at this distance she can sense it.

Xyber 9 voice Tim Curry Renard is gone, and now there’s one final battle to be won before the world knows peace. Queen Tatania’s forces are caught in a pincer attack due to a false message Jack intercepted. As he encounters accusations of being a spy due to his hazy connections with Renard’s daughter, sabotage becomes apparent on the ship as a bomb goes off. During the night, Ikira steals the key from Jack and takes off for the Machina tunnels, leading the others to take off after him, fearing he has turn against them.


Renard attacks the New Valley again, and this time he’s brought along something special, a new Machina fighter plane with enough power to face off against Jack’s Spider Fighter. He then meets an old man, Ikira, who he finds out to be one of the best swordsmen around before he fell to ruin to be a mere beggar, losing his swords and uniform.

Placing his hopes in Ikira, Jack helps him regain his warrior’s pride before going off to face the monster in hopes to free the town and gain the reward. Maybe he should have listened to Xyber 9 this time? While tagging along with a convoy King Renard’s forces, a man foretells of “a ray of hope, a young boy king” who will save the kingdom.

Unfortunately it went off right when Jack was about to insert Xyber 9 into the ship and so he is blamed for the incident.

Xyber 9 New Dawn S1E13

You’ll have to watch to find xyberr New Dawn — 7. While on the run from Renard, Jack and company discover eipsode old fortress belonging to the legendary King Dragar. When Tatania’s plane is shot down, Jack rescues her and the mew establish an alliance against Renard. She then confronts them about their presence and Jack tells her that her father is evil. In addition to re-airing the first 10 episodes, the remaining 12 episodes aired from February 24,through April 8,although these episodes were made in Unfortunately Christopher gets captured by Renard’s General boasts about the Astral Hand to the enemy.

Machestro leads Machina, a race of people who are sensitive to sunlight and must live in underground tunnels and buildings and wear special It episide also revealed that Machestro rules over the Machina by giving them hope that they will be able to reclaim the surface by turning it dark. Just as Princess Roselyn gives the group her word they will not be attacked, her father comes in pursuit of Xyber 9.