I have three sons at home! I suppose the supportive thing would be to put it on Finger Ring Friends – super powered finger rings have never been so fun. I didn’t say that No, you’ll never get me! Brothers in Arms – A trailer for a war movie in which three brothers get in a brawl. Why did you draw that? McGillicuddy Sam gets fed up with skateboarding.

Halloweiner – Various children Darren, Sam, and Trevor show off their Halloween costumes to the class. But I wanted the whole gallon. Now, spread those legs and accept your fate. Religious Cult – Trevor and Sam ponder about the religious cult they’re in. Zach Cregger thinks this sketch is funny. The boy will take up the act of peeing upon your leg, and I in turn will pee upon his face.

Computer Jerk Off Dad – Zach jerks off when his parents leave to the store. His name is Saggy Sammy! Trevor isn’t even in the army in movle sketch. I wanna be a terrorist! Epilepsy Test – Do you, the viewer, have epilepsy?

Super Dog – Presidential Props Part 2: Water Balloons – A young businessman Darren introduces water balloons to a quiet town in the Wild West. Pie – Sam realizes he’s been typing on a pie instead of a keyboard.

Movie Pitching Guy

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Chester’s Trevor stegosaurus poster does the trick. Dad Fight – Jerry’s Sam opponent Zach goes down with one punch.

pitchimg Moon Landing – A student Timmy asks his teacher who shot the moon landing wkuj. Children, I’m so sorry, one of your mothers has just been killed in a car accident Oh, I don’t know.


History Reset – Sam resets his history after jerking off. Scott pitches movie ideas to reluctant execs. We Live In Garbage – A homeless man Zach and his family Darren and Timmy yell at a camera about the troubles the daughter has caused them.

The boy will take up the act of peeing upon your leg, and I in turn will pee upon his face. Aren’t You Lucky – Trevor’s song about God is sung in other countries.

Pop Tart – Trevor thinks a girl with testicles but not a dick would be hot, but he has trouble convincing his co-workers. C’mon Bill, I’m gonna get that guy, I’ll come back! Forever Puppies – A business that prevents cute puppies from turning into dogs.

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Last Action Hero – A realistic twist on a scene from the movie. Kid Mechanic – Greg’s Trevor kid is unconscious on the playground so Greg takes him to a mechanic.

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Funniest season of the show! But he’s just a boy! Zach makes a funeral request to Trevor. Booger Blasters – A new squirt gun pitchint squirts boogers instead of water. I haven’t purchased any of the other seasons, but I can watch season 1 over and over again and still laugh as much as I did the first time I saw it.

Where exactly did he get the bike? Invincible Kid – Blackout: Get a New Daddy – Guitarist Trevor tells children in song how to get a new dad. Check out the hilarious new show, Yuppie Indentured Servant! T Gets Cancer – Blackout: Demon Ouija Board – Demon Balthasar Trevor is summoned from Hell to control the ouija board at a girls’ slumber party.


I’m so sorry, I didnt’ know. So, look at you! Jovie man, race war! Alright, let’s clear up those cobwebs and fire up those ovaries.

I work at this investment firm downtown, it’s mostly property iptching, stuff like that. Zach Dating Karen – Zach breaks the fourth wall and asks the audience to settle arguments between him and his girlfriend Sam.

Don’t assume you don’t have the bullet, you still wkuuk to aim. Run to Boobie’s Water Pub, return here with a half-liter. He improvises a song about Attention Deficit Disorderthen hangs himself. Timmy Dance – Timmy dances in his underwear. Margaret, do you have a problem with our forefathers’ treatment of the savages?

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Butler Sketch – Five seconds with a butler Trevor upon his first arrival in Haiti. Bogey on My Six – Two pilots Sam, Trevor have an awkward discussion about their friendship while in mid-air. Then what’ve you got? Available on Prime RiffTrax: