Aisha and Tecna get into a fight and Bloom stops them as they have to work together to obtain the second Sirenix gem. Season 5 of Winx Club , known as Winx Club: The Winx try to attack but are stopped by Musa, who uses her powers to free. Meanwhile, the Winx get a second clue to Sirenix which leads them to Musa’s home world, Melody. A call from Aisha’s cousins leads to a battle between Bloom and Tritannus, and Selkies versus mutants at the Pillar of Light with Aisha caught in the crossfire: Bloom uses her Dragon Fire and melts the ice dragons and defeats the Trix. Meanwhile, the Trix and the Tritannus’ mutants attack Gardenia to get more toxic pollution for Tritannus to be even stronger and more powerful.

However, it has been confirmed by Rainbow that it is the fifth episode of the season. Season 5 of Winx Club , known as Winx Club: Bloom attacks Icy which causes Tritannus to get angry and attack Bloom and Aisha. But when he chooses Nereus, he is disrupted by a mysterious person, who attempts to kill Nereus. However Diaspro calls Bloom and lies, saying she will take Sky’s calls from now on. Darcy and Stormy show up with the Singing Whales of Melody. Later Sky and Bloom get back together after Sky finds a way out of Disapro’s sight and the two make up.

Meanwhile, the Winx Club have collected all three gems of Sirenix and obtain the Sirenix power, and they enter the Infinite Ocean. An age-changing spell causes Stella to become a three-year-old girl.

She mentions how the three Ancient Witches had cursed Politea, another Sirenix fairy. After following Tritannus and the Trix into the Infinite Ocean, Aisha is heartbroken to find the royal family of Andros’ underwater kingdom mutated into monsters. Meanwhile at Eraklyon Sky is being called by King Erendor for his royal duty, so they got diaspro to get him and become the kings special ntaale which really, really bad idea because she’s a psychopath.


Icy plans to steal her powerful Sirenix abilities; zerie so do Darcy and Stormy.

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It heals the Winx, and they win the competition. Sky wants to call Bloom but then leaves. On the world Domino, a royal council meeting is held on what action must be taken about Natalr. Bloom saves a horse, who reveals itself to be the Creature of the Rainbow Mantle when the Trix try to attack it.

The whole of Magix is plunged into darkness.

Daphne urges the Winx to look for the eye of inspiration, but they don’t know what it is or where to find it. Princess Krystal attempts to heal Sky’s memory, but the memory of losing derie pendant of Eraklyon is causing the blockage. The Winx go to the infinite da, but are attacked by a giant electric eel. Tecna then gets a message from the king of Zenith that they will not join the alliance and the Winx head to Zenith to sort out the matter.

Musa, Flora, and Brandon look after her. Rai 2Nickelodeon. After a brief fight with this person, it nataoe revealed it’s Tritannus, who King Neptune throws into prison.

But it seems that all of the kingdoms have different ideas and different points of views. Searching for the Gem of Empathy, Tritannus transforms Musa into a monster and she is saved when she bonds with natle selkie who guards Melody’s ocean gate, Sonna.

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This was the first season to be co-produced with Nickelodeon, the first produced in HD and the first to use computer-animated graphics. This page was last edited on 15 Octoberat Bloom plans to go home for Christmas, but the Trix cast a spell that creates ice monsters and turns the magical protection barrier against them, trapping them at Alfea.

She earns her wish, she asks her guardian to connect the people of her realm to Magix.


Then unexpectedly, Diaspro seamed to escaped the naatale so that she can get her revenge, by going to Alfea and try to get Sky to remember with stupid ideas. The Winx find it difficult to stop her, but they manage to remove the phone from Tecna’s chest and she is wins to normal, and the Winx find the Sirenix Book.

In the kingdom of the Oceans of Andros, Aisha’s uncle, King Neptune, is planning a coronation for one of his twin sons, Nereus or Tritannus, to become the heir.

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Unfortunately, an oil rig visible from the beach had a leak. One final showdown takes place between the Winx Club and Nereus to save the magical universe. Bloom uses her Dragon Fire and melts the ice dragons and defeats the Trix. Views Read Edit View history. Bloom tries to get Sky to remember by giving him the rose of positive.

Meanwhile, Flora’s selkie finds the pendant of Eraklyon at the bottom of the ocean of Earth, and gives it to Flora. Faragonda about their new threat, Tritannus. Bloom attacks Icy which causes Tritannus to get angry and attack Bloom and Aisha.

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After this the Trix reveal themselves, and destroy the gingerbread house. After finally managing to activate the Emperor’s throne, Tritannus is losing control of his powers and himself, and even turns against Icy.

By using this site, you agree to the Nattale of Use and Privacy Policy. Then they use Sirenix convergence magic to restore the Pillar of Balance.

The Winx play a volleyball game then Flora loses and Krystal wins.