Gud thriller, ending superb, thought will be a action film when i watched trailer but much better with a story. This movie was way better than i thought. Overall a very good movie. Well portrayed by the directors and actors. Everyone did a great job including Einthusan – thanks for uploading this. Got to know the history of brave souls This is the power of one! Hope we have lot of Mr.

Amitabh Bachchan ‘s and Farhan Akhtar’s acting was fantastic. I’m sure most of the world was never even aware of this situation. Marria thanks for suggesting.. The story tells In the world 2 out of 10 are good people. Worst actor for the role is Farhan, neither he has a body language and voice like that of a broken record! This is the worst bollywood movie i ever seen.

Is the her0 of this movie going to contest for Prime minister of India? So sick to know that we hardly care for our people. Not proper location, Iraqi army looks like some less paid actors from India.

Waited for this movie since long time. One unacceptable scene in the movie mogie, Akshay fight with Iraq soldiers and it can be avoided.

The storyline is definately worth praising.

Must watch extremely proud to be Indian. Overall a very good movie.

Nicely don and a very patriotic movie thaat Ghandhi ji will be movoe off if he was alive. I’m seeing this actor for the first time.


Thanks so much for uploading it. Very well made movie. Amitabh Bachchan ‘s and Farhan Akhtar’s acting was fantastic. A great watch if you have spare time. Excellent plot, great symbolisms and works efficiently to rise the Indian nationalism.

Amitabh and Farhan are so talented–out of everyone else’s league. A big salute to the real Mr. Mocie movie was way better than i thought. Excellent screen play and a class acting by all.

Thanks for uploading this movie. A millstone to the history of Bollywood. Advertisement – opens new tab. So others can find this clip.

Story depicted the largest evacuation in the world in any given time except Exodus. Pick where the clip ends Farhan was not behind at all! Thank you for uploading this movie, please upload befikre and dear zindagi soon.

Every one is pawn in this game including the audience. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Rather unusual offering from an industry that specialises in light entertainment.

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Tu Bhoola Jise 2-End Just love it when all the tiny elements of the story come together. YouTube video wiill automatically pause when you go to another tab. Aayushi Iemand Prapti Salena Muhammad all movies requests noted, after dvd release we can try thanks Abhishek we have been trying to get that for a while,so far no,will chk again. Bakwaas and waste movie.


Its a must watch movie. One of the best movies Moviie watched. Created great suspense and held the viewer in the center of all events. Oh and Kuwait would be a better place than it is now if Saddam had had his way. Great Movie this movies a bad image of india as to how much country cares about it’s people overseas.

Airlift () Hindi in HD – Einthusan

Akshay your so good at script selection, an absolute matured actor that haven’t seen in recent Bollywood!! The story tells In the world 2 out of 10 are good people. I didn’t expect anything before watching this movie because I didn’t know it but it’s definitely something you can enjoy on your free time. Einthussan story, good screenplay, superb direction and fantastic acting from everyone especially Akshay Kumar.