Clarkson trying to fool the speed cameras by holding up a Bill Oddie mask to his face every time he passes one. The Jaguar came last and lost its engine oil again. Views Read Edit View history. Matt was still on the road, but he believed himself to be in the lead. During the first part of the challenge, they raced against each other at a quarry, with Chris crashing into Matt, then heading to Kyzylorda to participate in a game of auto-tag against locals in Lada Rivas. Following their time at the raceway, the trio were told that they would be heading onwards to New Orleans , stopping for the first night at a hotel, whereupon May suffered another electrical fault that required him to get another jump-start, much to the annoyance of the other presenters, while Clarkson bought fans to help both himself and Hammond deal with the heat, although Hammond discovered his had been sabotaged as a practical joke.

This led to Clarkson claiming that speed is not everything and May disagreeing, in stark contrast to their usual opinions. May’s grand piano was smashed when he failed to prevent his lorry from rolling backwards, although the production crew had already damaged it while positioning it. Despite the initial faults, all three were delighted with their purchases and soon found themselves tasked with travelling to the Moroso Motorsports Park. Next, they headed to a farm to see if the Track-tor is as useful as other tractors, specifically the New Holland T7 tractor, driven by Robert Neill, winner of the Farmer of the Year. They concluded that the cheapest van for the task at hand should always be used. Want die advertenties zorgen ervoor dat we deze website kunnen bekostigen. For the end credits of the second part, each crew member’s first name is replaced with “Dr.

Is het mogelijk om een snelheidscamera om de tuin te leiden door heel hard Despite minor aerodynamic modifications and weight-saving made to the van – removal of the passenger specual, spare tyre, tools, windscreen wipers, Hammond himself – and using a Dodge Viper driving in front allowing the Transit to slipstream behind it, Schmitz was unable to do a lap time of less than 10 minutes, achieving a lap time of 10 minutes and 8 seconds.

The starting point was a small town in Uganda. Hammond was caught instantly due to streftfire damaged engine, while both Clarkson and May had their wstch destroyed after long drawn out pursuits. Finally, the presenters went to a circuit, where the cars were lapped by the Stig’s German cousin. Matt did reach 81 mph, however, in the hands of The Stig, it reached 87 mph, setting a new world record. They are challenged with building a bridge across the River Kwaithen driving over it with their trucks, but realise when constructing the bridge that they are actually at the River Kok.


But the Producers then told tear, that only one could find the ‘Source of the river Nile’ and so only one could find his name in the history books.

The boys also reproduced the intro of Money from the various squeaks and clunks their cars made. May ended up destroying another one of his pianos.

Eventually, with May holding Hammond’s seat, a 0—60 time of They concluded that the cheapest van for the task at hand should always be used. Kun je een flitskast te snel af zijn?

During the race, Chris made a significant progress due to his agile Maserati, eventually winning the race. In the second part, the presenters brave their way over muddy tracks and rough dirt roads, repairing their cars broken or missing parts with “procured” replacements, while heading towards Tanzania, via Rwanda. Hammond was the most successful of the three, finishing third in two heats and coming second in the final, ahead of Clarkson.

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In a side challenge, each presenters had to create a calendar featuring their cars which was to be sold at a newsstand. The producers have reserved a single ticket to a football match in MilanNorthern Italyso the trio see who get it first by racing from the Wembley Stadium in London to the San Siro in Milan, although this time, the car may have a real challenge, since trains have gotten faster and Channel crossing have gotten slower specil their last epic race.

Then, the final challenge arrived: The combined result spiraled out of control and crashed on a nearby hillside. Prior to entering Alabamathe presenters stopped at the village of Bagdad and were instructed to speciwl each other’s cars with slogans that could lead to them getting shot by the locals.

They then performed a race to see how long it took to load and unload various items each presenter was given an illegal immigrant.

There was also at least one armed guard travelling with the group. James rijdt met de plug-in hybride Fisker Karma door Florida en doet terloops They were sent out to buy any hot hatchback from their youth – specifically the s.


Clarkson won the event, which also featured a spectacular roll-over by Hammond trying to achieve the Scandinavian flick while going round the first corner. He was discharged later in the episode awtch continued the journey. The goal was essentially to do in eight days what the Americans failed to do in the ten years of the Vietnam War.

Finally, the Urraco ran out of fuel on the outskirts of Slough, just one mile from the finish, causing a major traffic jam.

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The presenters split into two teams, with Clarkson taking the Jaguar and promising to build a “Train GTI”, and Hammond and May converting a four-wheel-drive Audi S8 to pull the existing carriages. Jeremy, Richard en James vinden dat gebruikers van scootmobielen voor weinig After sleeping in a really poor hotel the boys decided to convert their cars into ‘mobile homes’.

It was then reviewed by Autocar magazine, with the team disappointed by the review, while making a reference to OFCOMthe telecommunications regulator. Hammond expected to be part of the aerial display, and was made to take part in a Wing walking demonstration during which he spent most of the time screaming.

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While Clarkson and Hammond managed to do so, May failed to find someone to take it. It eventually flooded and sank.

Archived from the original on All three learned that for this streeetfire, the car’s would be driven by the Stig’s American cousin, whom they nicknamed “Big Stig” owing to his obese appearance.

The three criticise the sheer amount of money people have to spend just to play golf, and they claimed that you can invest less money in car racing, or in this case, rallycross. They summarised the choice as tpo ‘Camp’ and ‘Camp Commandant’ ” based on the previous owners of the vehicles they were using in the challenge.

The final challenge, for speed, braking, and toughness had each presenter driving their vehicles through an obstacle at 56 miles an hour, and the winner going the shortest distance after hitting it.