They find out that one of the other members of the band is out to get him. Kim Crawford Jason Earles Jack and Jerry both start working at a shoe store in the mall, but run into trouble when Jerry is promoted to manager and Jack isn’t. After Jerry gets detention by taking the heat for Milton’s prank, Jack and the gang try to find a way for Jerry to escape. Meanwhile, after Jerry pranks him one time too many, Milton goes too far with pranks, not only on Jerry, but on the camera crew as well. Rudy discovers his natural acting ability and hires Jerry as his manager, but when Rudy freaks out during the audition, Jack tries to help him out and ends up booking the lead role of “Pomegranate Man”. While initially announce that Olivia Holt would not be returning, due to her starring in a new Disney Channel comedy series I Didn’t Do It , which premiered on January 17,

Jack sets out to break the record of most bricks broken under the age of 15, but beforehand, Kim gives him a bracelet, which he thinks is a friendship bracelet. By clicking “Publish”, you are confirming that the image fully complies with TV. Jason Earles as Rudy Gullespie. Retrieved December 20, Meanwhile, Jerry tries to impress Kelsey Vargas but keeps lying to her. Eventually he beats Kofi, and they win the dojo back. To try and be a better influence on those around him, Rudy tries to apologize to the wrestler, but finds the task more difficult then he imagined. Billy Unger as Brody Guest stars:

Roshon Fegan as Dan “Smooth” Brennan. However, fres he meets kickn unexpected opponent Troy Romzek kifkin ties to his past, Jack ends up in a heart-stopping battle to prove himself as a karate champion. When Jack and Rudy check out the theme for the park, they investigate a rumor about “Ghost Pirates”. Retrieved December 20, To improve the dojo’s image the local Bobby Wasabi Crew and their sensei Rudy enlist new kid Jack as a member and to teach them about life, karate and friendship.


Return wathc Spyfall 20 Jan Edit Did You Know? Elite Force Future-Worm! Search for ” Spyfall ” on Amazon. Billy Unger as Brody Guest stars: Meanwhile, Milton, Eddie and Jerry get lost after trying to find out the meaning of a fortune they got.

Meanwhile, Lonnie’s pet iguana eats Rudy’s prized grain of rice that has the Wasabi Code engrave on. As Ty was taken, the ghost pirates come out, and a karate fight starts, and Jack finds out that half of the pirates were just holograms run by Ty to scare away Rudy’s student to make them go watcg his Black Dragon dojo which has been shutdown.

However, in the pilot episode, Wasabi Warriorshe was seen in the high school cafeteria fighting Jack. It turns out the guilty person was a cheerleader named Erica who was tired of Frank ruining all of her cheers. Alex Christian Jones as Eddie Jones.

Aaron Stone —10 Yin Yang Yo! Denise Richards as Leona a. Jason Sehorn as Announcer.

They all do karate and Jack joins the three at lunch, who are soon spygall on by red belts from the Black Dragon Dojo. Abuse of the TV.

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Meanwhile, Jerry and Eddie become the testers of skating gear to impress some kidkin girls. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: Season 3 Episode However, they trash it. Forced to fight ninjas, Jack and Kim are paired up with each other while Jerry, Eddie, and Milton are a group. After a watcy sees Jack fighting in a match, he offers him a full scholarship to the world-renowned Otai Academy in Japan. So he abandons his friends and instead decides to give people advice. A gift from the mayor comes to congratulate Jack and Kim and it’s a machine to help train you in karate.

In the end of the episode, Rudy finds out she is Jerry’s mother, much to Jerry’s shock. They try to trick the iguana to think the season is changing because it defecates once a year and has already done so that year. Meanwhile, Kim and Milton turn the mall courtyard into a beach and start charging for chairs and sunblock because Kim needs to pay for her texts. The prince of Hachmakistan falls in love with Kim and goes to the Seaford Tower. Eddie and Milton try to help Rudy get his diploma so he can be in with a chance to be in Seafords Hall of fame.


Jerry helps out Joan with a work out.

Return of Spyfall

Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. But Jack discovers that running the dojo is hard work.

Start your free trial. While Jack is away on a family reunion in ColoradoMilton with help from Julie and Jerry with help from Eddie run for class president against each other and Frank of the Black Dragons. The boys take care of the Principal’s baby, spycall he crawls away, making Jerry and Jack scramble to find him.

Kyrie Irving as himself Guest stars: When they meet each other again after three months, they have all grown apart, and Kim has a boyfriend Brett. Meanwhile, Jerry falls for Phil’s niece, Mika, and brags to everyone he is dating her.

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Milton invents a pair of gloves holding the strength of ten men for a science project and shows them to spyfa,l role model, Derek Tanner. Retrieved November 23, Edit Did You Know?

Lonnie gets the space but later gets crushed by Nakamura. Turner brings the wrecking ball to scare them away.

Jack re-joins to help them win a martial arts tournament.