The cast of Jerseylicious reunites and dishes about the last year. Then, a happier-than-ever Alexa shows off her 3-karat bling and shares details on her wedding plans with Danny. Gigi tries to make amends with Frankie. Plus, Olivia continues to sneak behind Gayle and Anthony’s backs by booking another job with Briella out of her apartment. Season 5, Episode 7 March 10, Then, Anthony visits The Gatsby to check out some of their high-tech dryers, but when he returns to Anthony Robert Salon with new ideas, Cathy is not pleased.

Tracy’s parents aren’t speaking to her because she’s living in sin with Corey. Season 5, Episode 13 April 28, Season 5, Episode 4: Season 3, Episode 7: Season 5, Episode 16 May 19, Unfortunately, Tracy gets trapped in a situation where keeping her distance from Gigi’s ex Frankie isn’t an option–and Gigi’s not happy about it. Cathy hires Alexa to shoot a billboard and Alexa’s engagement plan is derailed. However, not everyone is accepting the event–and the change.

Reunion Special, Pt. 2

Single Moms Gone Wild. However, it was announced that the Esquire Network will be taking over the Style Network rather than G4 as originally planned. War on the Gatsby Floor.

Complete Coverage of the 91st Academy Awards 7. But Anthony seems to want to fly jerseyliciohs for this project, which Cathy doesn’t take too lightly. Plus, the other cast members weigh in on whether they think Olivia and Tracy will ever get along–or if they’re destined to be enemies for life! Gigi moves into a new apartment, Gayle and Anthony spy on new business while Olivia brings a much despised business to AR Salon. But do the new authors make a fatal mistake when they invite Gayle and Gigi to the posh soiree?


A Star Is Born 4. Watch Movies Feb Her friends think she should wait a bit after marriage, but Tracy has her mind made up! There’s No Place Like Jersey? Meanwhile, Corey has a huge surprise awaiting Tracy which includes him getting down on jersehlicious knee! Gayle debates selling the Gatsby to Warren Tricomi, causing salon drama. Tracy’s wedding will also be included.

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Alexa and Gayle offer their services to an assisted living home. Gatsby To Go has the first on-site event, while Anthony continues to find ways to expand the business.

Season 2, Episode 3: Things rree going great for the new couple, but when he starts to feel pressure from everyone around him, he wonders could he be ready for marriage?

These are the Jerseylicious Greatest “Hits”. Season 3, Episode Meanwhile, Mikey and Filly inspire Olivia to film a workout video for camera-conscious and weight-watching fashionistas. Season 3, Episode 2: Tracy and Briella bond in the Poconos and Gigi catches Frankie in a lie.

Tracy and Corey remain backstage to cool off from their emotional confrontation, while Gigi opens up on why it’s so hard to be in the same room with the couple. Select Tool form the Menu Bar if it’s not visible, press Alt on your keyboard. Gatsby 2 Go, Going, Gone? Season 5, Episode 6: Season 2, Episode 5: He also thinks this is the perfect time to do so with the th anniversary of Jersey becoming a state.


Tracy and Corey unveil their new home in Staten Island at a housewarming party. When the staff’s fashion sense gets out of control, Gayle enforces a strict “all black” dress code. Meanwhile, the grand opening for the unfinished salon has Anthony onlune edge, especially since an internet critic will be attending.

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Select the Close button to save your changes. Season 4, Episode 5: Plus, Frankie’s family and new girlfriend Brooklyn appear in-studio, which creates one big awkward moment for Gigi who has never officially met her replacement!

And before the end of the reunion, Tracy and Corey come back out for another fighting match with both Gigi and Olivia! Olivia struggles in her relationship with Nick; Tracy goes on a surprise trip to the Poconos; Gigi holds a hair-color event at the Gatsby. After three seasons of hair-raising drama, vicious fighting, and relationship woes, we count down the top ten moments as voted by the show’s most hardcore fans.

Season 3, Episode 8: