And the montage video was good as well. Show ’em the prank, Fred-weiner. I’m on my way. Snippin’ and scizzin’ for over 20 years, hey. How’d he get this up here? I’m with Sam on this one.

Same with her next line, “No thanks. So, he had Chris, their prop master, bring them all different kinds of root beer bottles, but every one they tried looked too much like Sam was holding a real BEER bottle in her hand. It’s not supposed to hurt you. And he’s very hot interpret that however you want, girls! And I’ll tell you what, he wasn’t expecting that in his hat. Wait, we forgot Gibby.

Where can i watch iCarly: Season 4, Episode 3 – iGet Pranky for free on megavideo?

The garlic powder in all those kids’ eyes. What are we doing in the basement? Admit it, I got you good. Score one for peer pressure. What if we remind Spencer about what happened?

If you think you can do it, try to say this line he says in this scene as fast as he says it: Do knock-knock jokes count? The actor who played him has also done of lot of writing for iCarly, in real life. I’m bringing home a trout. You are commenting using your WordPress. And he’s very hot interpret that however you want, girls! But what we hear you’re pranking again.


Then I guess I’ve never done one. Yeah, but you didn’t hear the cue on guys. I don’t generally sign things unless I have Socko’s lawyer take a look Sign it. Carly, grab me that pen. But I couldn’t have done it without help from the king of pranks here.

What the oh, my God. Dan Schneider creatorArthur Gradstein. Wait, we forgot Gibby. You been bumming around ever since you got home from school.

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Next time you watch the iCarly episode iGet Pranky, which they filmed that week, look for the new air-conditioning controller on the wall. We took a pickle, filled it with fake blood.

I knew he’d say that. Sam Puckett Nathan Kress It would get watery fast. Start your free trial.

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Title says it all. And I didn’t know that garlic powder would okay, wait, wait, wait. The Downright Unbelievable Time to do what this blog was designed to do.


So what do I do now? Watcn could you do that? Well, now it’s time for some fun awkwardness between them. Your daddy is here to pick you up.

He directed the pilot of iCarly and the pilot of Victorious.

iCarly – Season 4, Episode 3: iGet Pranky –

Carly Shay Jennette McCurdy Such a funny line, and so expertly delivered by the awesome Jennette McCurdy! Now, the leadup to this episode was nothing short of pumpy. This entry was posted on September 26, at