Bullock rightly objects to such a hiding spot. Mayor James announces that he is reopening Arkham Asylum during a press conference. This guy is seriously killing me right now. Leonard selects the cold gun then rids himself of his henchman. This better be explained later. His first interactions with his classmates are dodgy, at best. Gordon finds the building where Sionis is staging the fights.

Wells conclude that the longer his anger is suppressed, the bigger the explosion. Her charisma and need for attention have not phased Dr. A henchman demonstrates to Leonard an array of weapons and fancy gadgets that can possibly help in the future. This guy is seriously killing me right now. Victor Szasz is sent in by Falcone to deliver Gordon. Falcone strangles Liza in front of Mooney, giving him the upper hand once again.

The episode opens with Barry visiting her to convince her one more time in his suit. I want to see Bruce Wayne bitch-slap another student. Ollie spends this episode traning Barry how to case locations, gain intel, and warrpzone spend more time overcoming future challenges.

If not, check them out. He convinces Bruce and Alfred that she must stay hidden away during the next steps of finding the man who killed the Waynes.

Mooney is upset with Falcone so she hurts him the exact way that he hurt her. He goes to the nearest convenience store, chugs gallons of milk, and steals an ATM machine. Power plays are the only method for success in Gotham. Last time we saw them interacting, Barbara saidon pissed that Montoya was accusing Warpzonw of killing Cobblepot and calling him a liar. He calls Gordon and Bullock into a secluded office to speak privately; Gordon has the balls to point out that the Commissioner had yet to be seen during any of the previous big issues the GCPD has had to deal with.


Her side story was disjointed and had nothing to do with the rest of the plot. Captain Essen advises Gordon to take his leave before the Commissioner arrives.

I was thrilled to see him go between kind but bold and psychotic. Her mother commits suicide and her deadbeat father dies soon after. During his journey, he becomes the target of Warpsone Falcone.

This episode tied up loose ends nicely. Dent believes Dick Lovecraft ordered the hit on the Wayne parents. Recap of episode 7: Carmine Falcone and Salvatore Maroni: This guy is seriously killing me right now. Felicity decided to cross over from Arrow this week. Digger Harknessthe baddie of the week. A drug-addled street performer is given a vial of green liquid. Meanwhile, Joe visits with Dr. Thompkins visits Gordon with a voodoo doll in tow. Iris gives The Streak his renowned title of The Flash.

I see a lot of potential with the character-building. Bullock and Gordon are nearby having lunch when Gordon hears the security alarm buzzing at the convenience store.

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Gordon gets caught in the crossfire of the fight club but manages to wiggle out of his imminent death. It lacks a lot of depth at the moment. Wells to have a drink. She kidnaps Liza in broad daylight to make it appear as though episodee nemesis had it out for Falcone. Even though there have been a projectt of things happening in the series, none of them have solidified the show for me.

He gets pinned to cheesy one-liners and is damn near useless otherwise. The show will return in January. This makes the third and fourth…ish of the Porject members to appear in The Flash. Allow me to elaborate. They are led to a bookie and become trapped by the situation, but Bullock saves the day.


Stop doing that, FOX.

Each time there was a bad one-liner, it took me out of the war;zone. Falcone strangles Liza in front of Mooney, giving him the upper hand once again. FOX needs to find better writers for Gotham. Selina Kyle is helping Gordon with the Wayne murders. This better be explained later.

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Do those sound familiar? Plus, there were a few Easter eggs in this episode that made me feel a little better about the progression of the show. Victor Szasz is sent in by Falcone to deliver Gordon. Victor Szasz is a man who gambled away all his possessions. Once Maroni believes Cobblepot and Gordon, he allows them to leave so that he can continue to design the plan to steal from Falcone.

Falcone and Liza listening to the aria. Once the drug wears off, the user can undergo hallucinations.

The Riddler loves to play with words: It is typically injected into the neck. He is seeking power, infamy, and revenge against those who have wronged him. Each time there was a bad one-liner, it took me out of the episode.