Some of the platforms are made of ice and therefore slippery. Take the ladder behind you at the start of the room. The cold breath will be your main way to hurt. In the background, there is a Treasure Chest blocked by an on and off again electricity outlet, so grab the treasure inside of it Castle Painting. Quickly jump over to the platform, and head northwest across them, leading straight north. Make your way to both the Statue piece and the Jewel.

Three hits will KO it, setting you up for the pick up. It actually thought it could outwit the great Wario! You will have to attack the cage to stage out with, and soon it will wake up in a blind rage, and begin slashing like a mass murderer. Possibly more, too, the time ran out before I had the chance to search. At least Nintendo went for the E rating and didn’t include mimes. I thought there was something off about that thing the first time I laid eyes on it! For Steel Trap Doors, you need a monster with you.

In this paragraph, I will give a simple explanation on how to defeat DinoMighty the extremely easy way.

Wario World – FAQ/Walkthrough

You will notice another Spriteling, this time on Begin climbing, and bust the Treasure Chest to collect some goods, and then take the Red Diamond. After this, jump over the first Marshmallow Block, and to solid ground. Once you reach the other side of the bridge, you will have to square off with that so- called Electric Clown Fence that the Spriteling mentioned.

Alternatively, this Spriteling can be accessed by jumping off the top of the tower where the red Gem-Bodied Creature was fought, and the manor can be entered from there.

Wario World – Walkthrough

Up here, you will find a few Slizzy Snakes with Snake Trainers inside. Destroy the Cute Turtle inside of it, and use his head to activate the Wario Button on the wall by jumping, and throwing him into it. After recovering his treasure from the four worlds, Wario attains the key to the Huge Treasure Box containing the Black Jewel. Check out the swirly platform on the ground.


You need to find all eight pieces of the statue for Wario to increase in heart pieces health. Afterwards, jump over the Spikes to reach the Red Diamond it’s better than falling off of that rotating platform over and over again, right?

Slide down the two chains, and begin to pummel the Magons and Super Magons to the right. The spiky balls move at a slow pace around the ladder. KO the buddy, and Piledrive it where the light bulb over his head lies. On the last row, knock away only one. Once pummeled and dazed, grab Windster, spin, and toss him. If you slide closer to the camera, you won’t be able to get every item in the level.

Wario World FAQ/Walkthrough for GameCube by Mento – GameFAQs

I don’t care what you send, but positive feedback is always nice. Battle Rings – These aren’t enemies per se, but they appear frequently and you need to fight as many foes as you can before a minute is up.

Crack the Treasure Chest, and jump onto the second Ghost Globe that you see. In this Red Diamond area, you will have to jump onto the first platform while it in red. Destroy one by Piledriving it onto the other, and then Super Throw the second one into the Gold Doorkeeper. After this, he will get up, shake the dust off, and get ready for more.

Now that you have climbed up a bit, stomp the Icethrower with the Ground Pound, and carry on to the right. Both of the Duel Dragons will spit the fire, so it does not matter which one you begin toasting away at, just remember to watch from behind, and keep pounding the poor Dual Dragon until he is loopier than Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

Head up and to the right. After the battlefield, use the Icicle Mites to climb up by Piledriving them into the ground and standing on their backsides. Break it open, and it will discuss some pummeling matters with you. It’s a bit tougher to find everything this time out though, but that’s why we’re here. Accessed by clinging to the Glue Globe wheel in the basement, then taking the Glue Globe to the high platform on the left.


And you gotta do it three times. After this, hop onto dry land and slam in the Wario Button on the ground. Then hop down into the hole. Guide part 7 Unlock Last Edited: This fills slot number three. Jump over the electricity outlet, and smash it over the Huge Iceberg. We will discuss such matters in private. Spooktqstic Cup’ while being wary of Fattingtons. Once on the ledge, hop up another tier and head right.

Use these three to make your way upwards. The first three will zig zag to hit you, and the next three will be grounded, much like the ones before. Mamor is a Gold Statue fragment on the left side of this room, and dropping down the hole takes Wario into the basement.

Final Huge Treasure Chest Key. Yes, this is the first boss that you will face that is two bosses rolled into one, and believe it or not, but once you learn their pattern, this will likely be the easiest boss yet.

Ancient Chalice’ over the hill use soooktastic trees to get there. You’ll land near a rock block so break it and go down. We will have to cross over the Marshmallow Tooth Blocks to reach our destination, as well as a few Spiked areas. You can generally ignore the pigeons if you move fast. Break open the Treasure Chest and collect whatever is inside of it.

This is fairly tough attack to dodge, but I suggest jumping. Use them to defeat her.

Two Keys down, two to go. Like the Wild Swing-Ding, it’s best to run like the dickens if you’re on the receiving end.