She kisses Daniel on the dance floor and he insists they go home or he will just wait for her outside the club. The Montenegros finally return and William hosts a dinner for them. During Nathan’s proposal, the sprinklers at the garden turn on creating the ambiance of a mild summer shower, making Katerina realize all Daniel loses his composure and gets into a fistfight with Tomas. William decides to give Katerina a debut party and Daniel feels jealous when she chooses Jack to be her escort. Marco wonders why Genia chose to disassociate herself from their family and Margaret says her sister’s probably up to no good. A storm ravages Olivares, further damaging the farm’s already meager crop. Through Margaret’s meddling, Emily finds out about the bet and confronts Marco about it.

Daniel feels guilty about keeping his relationship with Katerina from William. William learns from the doctor that he has suffered a mild heart attack and she warns him that another attack can kill him. Add Image S1, Ep8. Daniel sneaks in the Montenegro mansion after Genia informs him of Katerina’s visit. Marco could not help but ask Emily about their son but she denies even being pregnant. OPM , Pop , Soundtrack.

Daniel Needs Time to Heal Himself Nathan is released from the psychiatric hospital and moves back with his family.

Daniel is hesitant for aside from not being on good terms with Tomas, he also doesn’t have Marco and Jane return home with their children Johanna and Nathan, with the latter becoming interested in Katerina as well. Katerina asks for 3 signs to make sure Nathan is really the one for her.

This website is part of the FamousFix entertainment community. Through Margaret’s meddling, Emily finds out about the bet and confronts Marco about it. Katerina Discovers Who Kidnapped Her In the epilogue, Manang Henya and Margaret reconcile while thinking about Daniel and Katerina being reunited in the afterlife. He had Daniel dragged by horses to teach him a lesson in front of the hacienda’s other workers.


The rings are available in karat solid yellow gold, karat solid white gold, and silver Joanna, Marco’s daughter, takes a fancy to Daniel, flirting with him in the stables. The drama also captivated netizens on social networking sites, as it quickly became the most talked-about topic online.

Daniel feels guilty about keeping his relationship with Katerina from William. Nathan Tracks Down Katrina and Daniel Daniel Gets to Be with the Montenegros Changes Are Inevitable in the Montenegro Household The lovers separate and Emily lies as she tells Marco that she never loved him and she just used him for his money.

Katerina is angry Daniel ruined her birthday party but he presents to her the ring as his gift. Tomas fires Daniel after getting into a fight with his friends. Daniel does odd jobs around town to raise Daniel Is Accused of Stabbing Nathan Cruz sisters Henya and Margaret vie for the love of Joseph Montenegro in the fictional province of Olivarez. However, things take a nasty turn when Emily’s assistant Miguel Ramos steal all the company’s funds and eventually puts it in bankruptcy, while Jane dies in a plane crash.

Katerina tells Nathan that he’s ‘basted’ and he wonders how she can auguat on that too quickly. Emily begins training Daniel to care for her farm. Genia is disappointed when she learns Marco turned Daniel away.

★STARTRIGA: Walang Hanggan April 10, Tuesday (Full Episode)

At the same time, Tomas and Nathan schemes to get Daniel sugust of the way so the latter can marry Episodw. Feeling the attraction once again, Daniel says maybe they should avoid each other so he would not break his promise to her father.


This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Daniel Hides from the Police Katerina gets a letter from Nathan saying their family is coming back for a visit to Olivares. Tomas e;isode his father’s wake to pay off his debts using the money from the mortgage. When Marco brings Emily to meet his mother, Margaret does not approve of Emily for her son. Virginia has mixed emotions seeing Margaret again. Genia tries to send a message to Marco and arrange a meeting through their caretaker. Katerina insists that Daniel stays at the hacienda for he’s the only one whom their father trained to run the farm.

Katerina Monitors Nathan’s Medications Katerina refuses to go to the prom, thinking of the expenses plus she cannot bring Daniel as her date. Tomas and Daniel get into another fight and the former forbids the latter from ever entering their home. Emily befriends Johanna to get into the Montenegro household.

Retrieved from ” https: Katerina, Genia and the Montenegros search for Daniel with the help of the authorities but still there was no sign of him in town or in the nearby farms. Genia tries to heal Daniel’s wounds and becomes regretful why Jane becomes jealous of Marco’s interest in Johanna’s new friend, Emilia.

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She also doesn’t agree in keeping their relationship a secret from Katerina’s father. Daniel and Katerina admit they are already a couple to Genia. Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel.