Full Cast and Crew. They give Jade the chance instead, when Mason recalls her from her audition which he approved of, and she accepts. Meanwhile, Cat uses a new app called “Tap It! After being poked by one of the mice children, Jade steals his fork and angrily chases him off stage. However, Cat accidentally tells Jade about this and Jade gets upset. Shirley Jones as Mona Patterson. Cat hears her favorite actress Mona Patterson died and wants to honor her, taking Tori and Jade go on a road trip to San Diego.

Despite putting a lot of effort into it, she fails both times. After eating gross seafood, Tori and Beck have to take Beck’s aunt’s dog to the vet. This forces Jade and Beck to decide whether or not they should remain a couple. Sikowitz invites Tori and her friends over to his house to teach them a lesson on method acting; however if one of them breaks character, they will be banished from Sikowitz’s house. She again performs “The Bird Scene” and states that she is proud of her work. Haley Ferguson archive footage Eric Curtis Johnson Robbie is able to get under the beams and tries to turn off the alarms, but stumbles upon two burglars.

When Jade, Beck, Andre and Cat finally catch him, he turns out wattch be a stranger from another school. Tori, Beck, Andre and Robbie plan to go to a museum, but Andre and Robbie back out so they can make a video for a contest. The final scene shows Trina and Sinjin jump-roping, but he annoys her and Trina leaves.

Tori and Cat apologize to the guys for neglecting their fundraiser by performing the song “L. Tori becomes suspicious when her friends start avoiding her. After finding out that they are all members of the school’s “ping-pong team”, she also finds out that they are using the team’s funds that they get from the school to eat at a very fancy expensive restaurant, and she wants in.

Tori and her friends are booked to perform at a little kid’s birthday party as a favor for Sikowitz’s friend. As a result, Tori puts the berry balls in her hat because blooptoeious one will try them. Louie Sebert as Kid.

blooptoriuos When she goes to the game show to sign in, she finds that Jade is already there, pretending to be Tori. Tori is afraid to do it because of Jade and, during the skit, she ‘hits’ Jade with a cane. Jade makes a bet with Andre and Robbie that if they lose they must do the ” Hammer Dance” every time Jade tells them to do it. Wanting to get more views on his blog on The Slap, Robbie begins filming the personal lives of his friends called “Robarazzi” although his posts are about making fun of them.


If in doubt, do not use.

Tori forces Cat and Trina to drive to the super-glue factory to get the remover. Evan tells her she is beautiful, but he likes blondes and leaves her. After arriving late for class because of Robbie choking on a pretzel, the gang except Trina has to spend a Saturday in detention. A talk-show host named Chris Burm feels sympathy for Tori blooptlrious lets her come and sing on his show.

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But things go awry when Sikowitz becomes depressed after watching the play, and Tori feels guilty and tries to fix it. Dennis Haskins as Mr.

Despite putting a lot of effort into it, she fails both times. At the insistence of Trina, who does not want to be known as the “freaky girl whose younger sister quit on her first day” and Andre, who tells her not to let victoriou mean girl crush her confidence, Tori returns to class and subsequently gets revenge on Jade by besting her in an improv assignment and then by kissing Beck in front of her. His blog becomes a hit, much to his friend’s dismay, causing them to become furious with him.

Season 2 Episode 6 – Locked Up Trina and her friends take a vacation in a country that turns out to be a ruthless dictatorship, that arrests them on trumped-up charges. While there, they discuss how they are not really on a date, and people in the vet’s office overhear.

Meanwhile, a masked person a. Tori invites Ryder to her house and Robbie spies on them as he wants to attract girls like Ryder does. The episode ends with Dr. She also plans for Trina to be there so Trina can ‘defend’ Helen against the ‘robber’ with her karate skills.

Trina eventually confesses that Tori is the singer, and Tori gets to record the song herself.


After a stage fight lesson, Sikowitz gives Blooptoriosu as Tori’s fighting actress in a scene they are assigned to do. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. We do not host, upload or link to any video, films, media file, live streams etc. Edit Storyline Interviews, bloopers, and outtakes from the series.


After she is told she needs to take risks, the gang suggests The Gorilla Club, a dangerous underground club with life-threatening activities which include taking on an actual wild gorilla. They sing a song during karaoke to try to get rid of them. This Week’s Top Trailers. Andre develops a crush on Jade after they work together on a song and hearing her sing, and Tori tries to help him get over it. When the teens are in the bus, they find out that their driver is “Dr.

Victorious – S 2 E 13 – Blooptorious – video dailymotion

Send a follower request via the social media link. The person who gives the worst gift will be forced to go “Christmas Yodeling” with Sikowitz on Christmas Eve. Tori helps Jade produce it themselves with the help of Mrs. Tori and Andre sing at the dance after being held victoeious at Totally Yogurt giving away one thousand of their berry balls.

The girls turn theirs on and the boys told them it was a trick and they lost the bet. Season 2 Episode 11 – Terror on Cupcake Street This episode features interviews, bloopers, and outtakes of all the cast ever since the series began. However, Cat accidentally tells Jade about this and Jade gets upset. At the end, Tori decides she does want to do the victorjous to prove she is not a wimp, but she blooptorioux scared again, so Jade pushes her off making her fall down.

The Dancing Lobsters as themselves. The show is hosted and narrated by “Christopher Cane”, a ventriloquist dummy, who introduces himself as the actor victorioue portrays “Rex”. While attempting to get it done, the rest of the group keeps getting distracted by many other things around them.

Trina checks yes for each clipboard, followed by the staff not remembering this. Then she asks if Jade can be in it too. At the dance she tries to make Robbie jealous by dancing with Sinjin and ends up getting kicked in the head by him and goes unconscious. Tori and Jade are cast in a play as a married couple, a task that challenges their acting skills and lack of friendship.