Rajveer says I can see he is not alive now. He feels he did a mistake. Veera thinks we all will start a new life, you will not be alone, you will have Nihaal. Jiji Maa and more. Nihaal requests Ranvi to let Veera marry Baldev. Know Upcoming On Star:

I thought to call and tell you, I have warned you before, he is doing something illegal in his transport business, I m going there, you also come. Rajveer tells him everything. She says yes, we waited for long, few days does not matter. He holds her and smiles. Nihaal hides again and sees a small house. The goons see him and try to catch him.

Veera 24th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

The people come there. Chai ji also makes her have sweets. Amirah 25th Dec – He episodde her and smiles. The rest is just bonus. Baldev leaves from there.

Nihaal punches him and beats him. He touches the blood and shouts Nihaal Chachu. Nihaal says we can talk about it later, right now my life is in danger.

Baldev gets the call and asks Nihaal where is he. Veera thinks we all will start a new life, you will not be alone, you will have Nihaal.

He messages Baldev the address and asks him to come without telling anyone. Rajveer says he has a plan to 204 her feera, he loves Veera a lot. He says he is murdered by Baldev. Ratan asks Ranvi to get the items. Like 0 Dislike 0. Page 1 of 1.


If Nihal Singh dies in Veera the serial will be morbid, who will watch it then. Ranvi says shall I call Baldev, no, I should go there and see whats going on. Bansuri asks them to come. On Dec 25, I wanted to say that as viewer I want to see Ratan deserves to be happy she has already lived a very depressed and lonely life. Ratan comes to fyll. If he is dead I have written in the first comment that what will I do then.

Nihaal suggests Ranvi not to pressurize Veera and supports Baldev till the last moment, annoying Rajveer. Welcome, Login to your account. Veera gets ready in bridal dress and looks pretty. He says I will call him, and the batter is ending.

Baldev and Simran’s marriage to get called off; Nihaal Singh to die in Veera

He says he will leave her till door. She says my clothe got dry, Deccember will change. Like 0 Dislike 0. Ranvi makes Veera have the sweets.

Rajveer also hits him. Rajveer says we can solve the matter.

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera 23th December Episode Star Plus Tv – Drama Full Episode

Few men trouble him, and catch him. She says thanks for showering love on me. I hope some management or jury people are reading all comments…why cant anyone get the writer episodf modify story…nihal to come back.


He says hey count the hours distance between them. Like 0 Dislike 0. Rajveer goes inside and sees Ranvi crying. Ranvi is shocked and says I will talk to Baldev. A password will be e-mailed to you. Rajveer helps Gunjan in her loan matters and asks for help to 23ht Veera to marry him.

Rajveer says I know Baldev is good person, but he is very irresponsible, and they fought in the chowk. Gunjan asks Veera to come, and she has to go to Bansuri too.

Gunjan says Ratan will be always happy now, I will make bridal dress ready, as Biji will have to wear it too. Veera says who will love me like this. Ranvi asks is it aching. Decebmer gives a dress to Ratan.

She says he brought this and could not give you, so I gave you saying I bought it. He says she had died because of you.

He says this moment gave me all happiness of my life. Nihaal hides and runs.