The medical commission demobilized him. The Treaty of Paris recognized the union but the Soviet Union never accepted this. He had cancer and hurried with his work. There was a table set in a bright cozy room with two girls sitting at a table: His younger brother Yevgeniy graduated from elementary school. When my grandfather died in , my grandmother had to go to work and she worked till the end of her days. Boarding on the ship was announced.

Listiki, listiki selonie klenovie. I liked it very much. I had a collection of poems by Ovsey Dreez [Dreez, Ovsey Some time later, one of our girls came to the field where we were picking tomatoes. In due time, I replaced my tutor and became one of the best confectioners. My grandfather died first and then my grandmother followed him less than a year later.

My husband helped me with it. We walked on, trembling from fear, little homeless kids caught in the war. My mother was a beautiful woman, but she grew plump when she was young, for some unexplained reason. On Pesach we ate from special crockery kept in a locked cupboard during the year. She dried me with a towel, helped me into my clothes, and called the others who took me to my room: The food ration — a little bread, molddovenesc, dried bread, cookies, tinned beans — that we received, was gone very soon and like hungry pups we scattered into the field as soon as we saw something edible there like tomatoes, cucumbers or sunflowers.

We also celebrated Jewish holidays in the orphanage. We were a great success and took the second place. She became mentally ill and died in a psychiatric clinic a few years later.

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He was born in Fllm in and was moldoveesc the Jewish name of Mordechai at birth. I want to make her bleed! The other girls woke up and we sat down to have some tea. She is non-Jewish, but her husband is a Jew of Kishinev. When we began to study religion, I learned about hell and paradise.


I was waiting for Dmitriy to return home. He makes such delicious plov dishes! We scattered around seeing horrible black planes.

When re-evacuation began, Zlobin, the director of the School of Military Musicians, tried to convince my father modlovenesc move to Moscow. We ate potatoes, bread and macaroni. There were two bedrooms on the first floor, one for older girls and vecinji for small kids. She had been looking for me and had also written to the central inquiry office in Buguruslan and they replied that Shlima Gersh had disappeared in the vicinity of Armavir.

My husband and I lived for 52 years together, longer than a golden jubilee. My grandmother, who was very religious, raised my mother to become a real Jewish girl respecting and observing Jewish traditions. We went to the Jewish Theater once or twice in all those years.

Top 10 bancuri cu moldoveni. De ce fug moldovenii după Salvare?

So it happened that we stayed in the occupied territory. At my graduate exam in mathematic I solved mathematic problems for the whole class. When I got to Namangan I fortunately bumped into a Jewish woman. He wanted to make me sporty.

There were delicious hamantashen and fluden: Like any other businessman he had his ups and downs. Everything comes from God.

When he left, my adoptive mother took me to the poorest woman in the village. This happened in Bugaeva taught us crafts. I had no problems with entering Kishinev University, which had just been founded []. He was fond of sports. When we returned I bumped into my former mathematics teacher, Lidia Samoilovna. I learned to dodge them. He specialized in Moldovan music, wrote many articles for the press, presented regular radio moldobenesc in Moldovan that he knew well.


We went to a swimming pool near the railway station.

She washed me and cried again. Supported by Claims Conference and Joint Hesed helps for Jews in need to have a decent life despite hard economic conditions and encourages development of their self-identity. Soviet-Russian composer, public activist].

She and my father settled down in a small apartment on Alexeyevskaya Street. Purim was also a wonderful holiday.

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She married my father when she was young, and was a housewife. By that time it was my turn in the line to buy a car. She was born to a wealthy family in Kishinev in I was 14 years old, I was full of energy, had my music and joined the Komsomol [6].

She took us out of the combat area. The task of the Komsomol was to spread of the ideas moldovdnesc communism and involve the worker and peasant youth in building the Soviet Union.

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They have no children. Israel is a wonderful and beautiful country. I was hiding in the field until Yelena Ivanovna came for me.