Reflection of Anime Absolute garbage trash tier list: In my next life I want to collide at the corner with the cute transfer student carrying a piece of toast in her mouth Time to take out this Hakumen no Mono son of a betch! I’m really heartened by these latest revelations, failing to have now a clearer picture. The only difference is that in Shintoism, it’s a catfish between the pillars which is responsible for Japan’s earthquakes.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Episode 7. I thought they’d mix up the timeline a bit and do Tatari Breaker first and end this cour on Kirio. Thanks for reviewing the series too. They’re going to skip some arcs next, and jump from chapter to chapter I thought countries were tectonic plates, not something you could sink. I’m no special story or anything. He wants to pick the winning team.

I am confused as fuck. Hyped for the arc that starts next week, because it introduces a character that really grew on me in the final stages of the manga. The mystery of Ushio’s mother was well handled. However the eipsode guy tries to hold Mayuko hostage, but she jumps off a high platform taking him with her giving Tora the chance to take him out and save her as well.

This week, Nick and Micchy episod the parts of this trifle they’ve enjoyed and the parts that leave a b I’d also like reactiom think as powerless as Ushio was, the conversation of Ushio with Jie mei about his homeland was the reason she eventually reincarnates with her memories in Japan.

Game Reviews Columns incl. Thanks for reviewing the series too.

Ah filler, my old friend. As a manga reader I did miss some of the omissions even if they had shout outs here and there but I totally agree in some things that they completely removed. Nice to see how Beast Spear was created!

Wasn’t expecting the spear’s red cloth to be made out of yokai though. Now let’s see what Ushio decides to do The continuation of what happened with Hakumen was awesome.

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Mappa did that arc justice, and it seriously didn’t feel like it’s length at all – much shorter in fact. Hakumen no Mono reminds me of Godzilla. Gabriella takes a look at an underrated magical girl show that takes place in the streets of Harajuku, while Paul runs down all this week’s new blu-ray releases! Earthling Zing June 25, at The room was very dusty when I was watching that part.


Still enjoying the overall retro shounen vibe this anime gives. Read the chapters in between if you want the full story though one of those arcs features a character introduced in an earlier arc that was skipped. So Jie Mei is pretty much the mastermind behind everything that happend in the story I’m surprised the former spear wielder that kicked Tora’s butt doesn’t get much attention in the history and that the spear wasn’t even present in the war against Hakumen no Mono, wtf?

Pretty strong feels in this episode as we get the story of Jie Mei and her brother. It was very sad but good to see that they become the lance, now I’m think the lance is even stronger. News News chronological archives Now we know the origin and the way hoe the beast spear was made. I wonder what’s going to happen since Japan is going to get destroyed if Hakumen leaves his resting place.

Did Jie Mei brother become demon? AnimeDororoReviews. That gets me thinking now, I know Giryou chose to make himself part of the weapon, but maybe he chose a spear instead of a sword because he saw Ushio grab a spear when all the swords failed?

I find it pretty fun to realise that Ushio’s life is sort of a huge time paradox if you think about it, seeing as Jie Mei needed to follow Hakumen no Mono into the pillars under Japan so that Ushio’s mum could hold up the barrier later under the assumption she’s older than she looks and would’ve been too old to have Ushio otherwise but it’s pretty much Ushio’s doing that even lead to the spear being created and Jie Mei becoming a spirit.


Unlike in similar works Why did they ask random people instead of kidnapping people with philosophy degrees?

Khalid June 25, at 8: That happened to me this week. BBCode I’m no special story or anything. Check the Kashima Jingu shrine for reference. I’m surprised there’s going episore be another season, they seem so near the final boss.

Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.

I thought countries were tectonic plates, not something you could sink. And hiding the presence of the Usiho Spear inside his own body is as good a reason as any. Ushio and Tora Episode That should have answered a lot of questions for the anime-only viewers. Kurik June 26, at 4: The pacing was greatthis episode answered to so many questions yet non of these answers felt forced it’s like they all came naturaly with the story. The only difference is that in Shintoism, it’s a catfish between the pillars which is responsible for Japan’s earthquakes.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Yeah, there is, though it’s going to be a long time until more is revealed about it – you have to wait until almost the very end of the third cour.

He wants to pick the winning team. Can’t want more of this episode. Nice to know more about the origins of the Beast Spear though. That really made her brother go crazy and basically became a demon.

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I wonder what Tora mean when he said he is about to remember about something when he look at the spear. He nearly kills her but Tora jumps in. BBCode “Perhaps there is reactuon universal, absolute truth.

It is a mystical spear afterall.