Rule Standards New Rule: There are lots of restaurants within walking distance from the park and plenty of nice hotels. Home team is considered the official scorebook for each game. If there is a mistake in the number listed on the lineup. She can also be used on defense only 9 defensive players in the field but, must keep the same position in the batting order. There are too many first-year teams to play out in a one-day tournament.

No more than twelve 12 batters per inning with no one batting twice. Columbia State Coaches will be attending the tournament. Rule Standards New Rule: Failure to declare the use of the additional player s prior to the game precludes the use of an additional player s in that game. United Sports Governing Foundation. Welcome to the Fall Tournaments. To save your home and search preferences. So, be aware of where your courtesy runner is in the lineup.

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Time limit will be 70 minutes, finish the inning. A player who turns 9 on or before January 1,must play 10U as of August 1, – July 31, If an issue presents itself during a game, the most important priority is parents need to stay calm and let the coach sort everything out with the umpire s. Rule Standards New Sugf The illegal segies is called a ball if the ball is the 4th ball the batter is given 1st base. Team and individual trophies will be awarded to the top five places.

An illegal pitch is called immediately. It is a delayed dead ball and should be signaled by the umpire calling the worlv pitch and verbalized so a player could hear the call. If two games are complete there are no refunds issued. FC Thunder receives bye. No refunds for gate passes. Good sportsmanship needs to be modeled by coaching staff and fans.


All participating teams need to be officially registered and paid by Jacmson 10, Spring Open March 16, Musgrave Park.

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There are too many first-year teams to play out in a one-day tournament. The additional player if used must be selected prior to the start of the game, and her number must be included on the lineup card presented to the umpire. Edge – Wayne Co. The additional player s will be placed in the line up in ysgf batting position she is to occupy.

Tournament games are 60 mins finish the inning. Unique rule to USGF: Age eligible January 1, Tournament Schedule: Space will be limited jakson make sure you register early. United Sports Governing Foundation. The Official Game Time: Tournament will include three pool games and double elimination.

Fans need to let the coach respectfully approach the umpire, make the inquiry, get clarification on the ruling and move on with the game. Time limit will be 55minutes, finish the inning. Unruly fans will result in the head coach being restricted to the dugout. Welcome to the Fall Tournaments. Xtreme 04 receives the bye. Debbie Viviers, Helen St.

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A player who turns 19 on or before January 1,is no longer eligible to play in youth fastpitch. A courtesy runner does not burn your sub.

Activities near you will have this indicator Within 2 Miles. They boast large screen monitors that provide continual update of scores and field schedules. The Flex player must be listed in the last slot of the line up with Flex label beside jacskon name and number. If there is a mistake in the number listed on the lineup.

United Southern Girls Faspitch. If no games are played entry fee is returned. Results in a dead ball. Name Over Number – A players name will be taken over the number to identify a player in the lineup. It is not an advantage to have more than 10 batters.


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DP player must have DP label beside their name and number on the presented line up. Look for this banner for recommended activities.

When the player softbal, has left the game is scheduled to bat an out will be declared for each turn at bat until she is ready to return to the game. Metal cleats are approved for the use of 14UU.

The new runner will remain in that usbf position until either she becomes out, crosses home plate, or the inning is completed. Lightning Elite 02 receive bye. An email reminder will be sent to you two days before this event closes!

To save your home and search preferences. Each position in the batting order will be at bat a maximum of once per inning, the end of an inning will be declared when either 3 outs are made or all batters have batted one time which ever comes first.

If a player has to leave the game with an injury the team may continue a game with one less player until that player is ready to re-enter the game. If the additional player is used, the position must be used the entire game. If unruly fan behavior continues, the head coach and the unruly fan s will nackson ejected from the park.