Ayase attempts to talk Takaba into running away with him and seizing his freedom. Everybody Does It by Tentai. Yaoi warning, lemons and mature contents. The family reunite, but will it really works? Despair of the heart by Al- Noodzi reviews ‘I never thought that my worst nightmare would ever come to pass Finder Series – Rated: Reward by MagnusLR reviews a magical juice makes Misaki show his true emotions. A promise i didnt add any OC.

Having spent 10 years in a peaceful village having amnesia bliss from his dark past with Misaki and Shinobu by his side, Ritsu finds himself apart of another situation as trouble stirs up in other kingdoms. How does Akihito react? Viewfinder meets Uraboku by Hannahbee reviews AU. They have been together for centuries yet something still holds them apart. Welcome Home by NyanloserxXx reviews Misaki is missing Usagi-san, no matter how much he wish he could deny it. Will his lust control him? No Scratching by GazloverCanada reviews Ritsu was in shock. The Chocolate with Aphrodisiac by misukiya reviews why did Ayase feel horny?

In which Takano doesn’t insist on the shower by anatagasuki reviews As usual, Onodera would scream at his attempts to get them to shower together. What does Misaki find when he dares read one of Usagi’s novels in detail? Osaka gakuen’s 2nd dorm undergoes some repairs and thus they have to stay at Sofuryou’s dorms c: Onodera wants to avoid Takano but how can he when they’re next door neighbours? Light to my World Sekaiichi Hatsukoi – Rated: Yaoi warning, lemons and mature contents.

Finally Realizing blku Xxobsessive reviews Misaki has always been a “late bloomer”. Now Asami is having to deal with a traumatized Akihito.

The Uke TradeOff by sweetcat86 reviews The semes of Junjou decided to play a little game, by switching their partners with a new guy for two weeks. Read and find out. Home Alone by skyressshun reviews What Akihito gets up to when he thinks he’s home alone.


Always by The Black Flamingo reviews After Chiaki turns down Yuu, he is at a loss of what path to choose next when a new assistant joins the manga department. Festival of Urahiri by Pixieblade reviews Ishuca has a surprise for Blood, and a little girl says hello. Why was he sick episodd what is he hiding away from Takano? I think you may be surprised. Akihito is tired of them. Multiple seme get hold of the song Telephone by Lady Gaga and shitteifu uke have very entertaining responses.

In fact, he didn’t know about it either. The Lovely One by yaoiandcoffeeaddict reviews Set in the world of Episdoe Pistols, Ayase is an abused bunny boy looking for an escape from himself and his family. First JR fic, my first lemon on the internet!

After years of searching for his kouhai with some bad luck, Masamune the now Hobo finally makes it back to Japan. Includes people talking in English! Rated Bouk for sexual stuff.

Everybody shows up for the sake of protecting their jobs, however things take a turn for the worse as the night progresses.

First fic on this site, oneshot, lemon. Drunken Misaki by katrinadianne reviews Misaki gets drunk and Sumi played a little trick on ursgiri. A steamy night by Kamisamakissfreak reviews A late night and an early morning these two lovers can’t control themselves when their together.

Uragiri Wa boku no Namae o Shitteiru (scan)

Temporarily Helpless by lolita-strider reviews Soubi devotes all of his attention to Ritsuka when Ritsuka get sick. Takano, however, likes them for a very different reason.

Collapse by Hoozuki-kun reviews Something was wrong with Ritsu. After running into each other, Takaba meets Ayase and the two discuss their situations.


Uragiri Wa Boku No Namae Wo Shitteiru 05 vostfr

I hope you’ll like this one Ayase attempts to talk Takaba into running away with him and seizing his freedom. Finder Series – Rated: Rated M for obvious reasons I know, stupid title, couldnt think of anything.

But is the pure egoist keeping his lover in the dark about a couple of things? Modeling by eveningmonster nnamae Takara and Kiyomine can’t seem to be able to refuse Yukari in her request now they have to be models again for the second time around Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it!

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Steiru Eng Sub Епизод 6 Високо Качество ( Betrayal Knows My Name ) в

Between Hormone and Lust by sosise reviews Title is quite self-explanatory. Rabbits, Whores, and Artists by I Am A Martyr reviews Seiji brings a rabbit home with good intentions, but wounded rabbits need constant attention.

Akihiko is away on a conference and Misaki is left in episods apartment, scared. My dear bastard king by Luna reviews Akihito lived a normal life but everything changed when in summer festival some drunk guys chased wz, while running away from them he fell in to the river and returned in to the ancient times, he even stumbles in to the war field, where uragiru meets a golden eyed man who saved him from soldier who tried to kill him.

And he can’t get enough of it. Takahiro Finds Out More? But there’s one thing Takano won’t tell Ritsu about last night.