Waste deriving from machine Find and remove valves, electro-mechanical and disassembly must be disposed of and classified electronic parts three-way valves, sensors, etc. During installation authorised conditioners are fall within the following values: The panels can be made of polypaired materials, that is insulating material together with metal. Careful sizing of the heat exchanger coils allows a high sensible to total cooling ratio under most operating conditions. If possible, dispose of oil and compressors separately. Check that air intake and discharge connections are not blocked in any way, not even partially; Unloading the unit To unload the unit from the pallet, carry out the following pro cedure: This heating system has two functions:

Specifically engineered heat rejection for row and room cooling products. To reach the head required by the system for conditioners with fans carrying a CE marking, the input voltage percentage can be adjusted from the user terminal A. The preparation of the installation area must be carried out as indicated in the installation drawing attached to the machine documentation. G The chilled water temperature is too high. C The compressor does not function during dehumidification. The load must always be solidly anchored to the bearing element of the lifting equipment and means of transport. Waste deriving from machine Find and remove valves, electro-mechanical and disassembly must be disposed of and classified electronic parts three-way valves, sensors, etc. De r t During the installation of the cooling unit, a solenoid valve should be fitted on the liquid line between the inner unit and the external condenser, to avoid malfunctioning and to protect the compressor from unwanted liquid migration during start- up.

Check the chilled water supply; check that the shut-off valves are open. To start the unit proceed as follows: The heaters must only be replaced by a qualified electrician.

High load capacity with easy and flexible installation system. System eeries to maximize the availability of Row and Room cooling systems. If you want to know more about the way this site handles the data, then please go through our privacy policy. Observe the safety precautions at work wearing the suitable individual protection devices IPD and using the appropriate equipments.

The purpose of these operations is to achieve homogeneous material quantities for disposal or recycling. D The fans’ thermal protection intervenes.


Check the electrical connections of the servomotor valve. The upflow models upwards air flow with rear or frontal air intake may be installed without using the mounting frame. Before replacing the electrical heaters, disconnect the power supply from the unit. D There is too much refrigerant in the circuit; the condenser is partially flooded.

AMICO(installation manual)

F The air distribution output pressure is too high. Before carrying out any type of U7 intervention, disconnect the power supply.

A2 A5 A3 A6 A4 A7 In the following table the maximum pressure available expressed in Pa for each voltage level of the transformer is indicated. Uniflair SP Split system units and integrated free-cooling systems for outdoor installations.

The length of ducting between the air conditioner and the external air intake must be as short aamico straight as possible. Thermal Containment Hot and cold air containment systems designed to maximize cooling predictability, capacity, and efficiency at the rack, row or room level. C The sereis panel does not start the unit. Ultra-efficient economizer units that consume zero white space and allow more power to IT.

This message may appear before certain procedures.

Check the continuity of the connection of the safety thermostats to the control system. The factory set point of the FS differential pressure switch is at 0. Specialised technical personnel must use appropriate equipment when checking the grounding of devices. A screened cable is used for the electrical connections to the sensor; the connections to the terminals are shown on the electrical diagram.

The models equipped with a “clock board” in the electrical panel have a service battery which must be disposed separately. C There is an overcharge of refrigerant in the circuit. Filling the hydraulic circuit must only diameter of 22 mm.

Rack Air Distribution Air distribution systems for power dense racks and low pressure areas. Do not carry out any work which has not been specified respecting all of the work safety standards.

Close-coupled, chilled water cooling for medium to large data centers. Options to optimize the performance or functionality of room cooling products. Reverse input phases and check if fans are rotating in the correct direction D The air flow is obstructed. Before establishing the electrical connection, make sure that the power supply is off.


The unit is predisposed to be installed on raised access flooring using mounting frames or appropriate floor stands supplied on request from Uniflair. The unit is predisposed for installation on raised access flooring using mounting frames or appropriate floor stands supplied on request from Uniflair.

Aquaflair DF Flexible chillers for installation where the airflow must be ducted. Choose the server room solutions with:. Annual checks Carry out the following checks annually: Aquaflair FC Free cooling chillers with axial fans and integrated free-cooling system for continuous operation applications. The circuits can be pressurised; any message may cause injury to the operators and maintenance and service operation must only damage the equipment.

Precision Air Conditioning unit UNIFLAIR AMICO type SUA H/s |

With a separate fan deck suitable for location above or below a raised floor, these stylish units offer maximum capacity and efficiency seriees the smallest of footprints, freeing up valuable additional white space within the data centre.

The spare part consists of only the cylinder itself with the filter inside. We recommend to pay attention during disassembling operations. Check the resistance of the fan motor windings.

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Perimeter cooling for medium and large data center environments. Modular Access Floor solutions for technical rooms and datacenters. Rapidly deployable packaged systems to quickly address cooling needs of IT or telecom environments. Fully customizable modular floor solutions with a large range of materials and modules, for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Armaflex or equivalent to avoid condensation; the insulation must allow accessibility to the valves and three piece joints. Check the chilled water funtion. If the surface where the unit is placed the floor. See control panel instruction manual. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.