The investments in subsidiary and associated companies and the major transactions relating to investments in subsidiary and associated companies, in the first quarter of were as follows: Income before income tax and social contribution, net of profit sharing. The financial statements of Unibanco Holdings S. The company services approximately thousand individual customers and 1, corporate clients. Decrease in other liabilities. Other credits and other assets. Marketable securities and derivative financial instruments.

The return on average equity stood at The Creditec stores should be totally integrated to the Fininvest stores until the end of May Unibanco manages its risk exposure on a centralized basis by having all risks and mismatches passed to its treasury unit. The volume of financed sales increased by The debt can be integrally redeemed in April or in each subsequent interest payment. Interbank and interdepartmental accounts.

Funding in foreign currency posted a drop of 9. Tax loss and negative basis of social contribution carry-forwards. The use of the derivative financial instruments as part of asset and liability risk management could be made as an overall position related to Unibanco net position undertaken in an certain market or related to unibaanco specific assets and liabilities attributed to a particular risk.

Cash and due from banks at the end of the period. Co-obligation and risks for guarantees provided. The debt can be hnibanco redeemed in April or in each subsequent interest payment. In this occasion, Unibanco AIG clients could count on a special structure promptly developed to them. The fair value of marketable securities was based on an internal valuation model, which uses the average rate for the last business day of the quarter as informed by Stock Exchanges, trade associations and external entities.

Amounts expressed in thousands of Reais.

The goodwill balance shown in the consolidated financial statement and the amount amortized during the quarter were as follows: The reverse stock split is pending the Brazilian Central Bank approval.

Allowance for leasing losses. Income before income tax and social contribution, net of profit sharing. Unibanco and its associated companies, Fininvest, LuizaCred, PontoCred, and Tecban Banco 24 Horasreached 11, points of service at the end of Marchdistributed as follows: The total number of active customers reached 2.


The Unibanco Institute has been involved for over 20 years in a wide range of social welfare activities and concentrates today its activities in education. United States of America treasury bills. Allowance for other credits losses.

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The following table shows the changes to the BIS ratio over the quarter and the year: Checking-account holders plus investors in savings accounts, and retirees reached, at the end of the quarter, 6. Maturity, exchange rates, financial instruments and different markets are daily analyzed in order to assure the compliance of the established limits.

The fair value of interbank deposits, lending operations, interbank deposits payable, time deposits and mortgage notes, was based on the average rate practiced by Unibanco on the last business day of the quarter, for similar operations. The accounting policies adopted by Unibanco Holdings and its subsidiary companies are in accordance with the requirements of Brazilian Corporate Law and the regulations of the Brazilian Central Bank, the Brazilian Securities Commission and the Superintendency of Private Insurances.

Over the course of the quarter, more than 12 thousand students took part in guided visits to the unibanc. Other Operating Income and Expenses. Atreplex volume of financed sales increased by The hedges as of March 31,were in accordance with the standards established by Brazilian Central Bank.

Amounts expressed in thousands of Reais, except per share data.

Equity in results of subsidiary company. Main direct and indirect subsidiary companies invested by: The projects launched in the first quarter ofwhich will be added to the ones already in full progress, are: Marketable securities and derivative financial instruments.

Technical provision for insurance, annuity products and retirement plans. Net cash cinemz in provided by used in investing activities. Changes in market risk – interest rates. The allowance for lending, leasing and other credit losses is set up in an amount considered sufficient by management to cover probable future losses.


The non-effective hedge portion, if any, is recognized currently in earnings. Year to year, they were up 2. Chief Executive Officer unibanxo Director.

Refers to marketable equity securities and open mutual funds.

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Swap contracts with daily reset. Up to March, the stock of these operations showed an accumulated nominal growth of 3.

The risks associated with swaps relate to the potential inability of the counterparts to meet contractual conditions and the risk associated with changes in market conditions due to fluctuation in interest rates and the exchange rate of currencies.

The program is based on defined contributions.

Interest rate and currency term and futures contracts represent future commitments to purchase or sell financial instruments at specific terms and at specified dates. We have carried out a limited review vinema the interim balance sheet and statement of income of Unibanco Holdings S.

These transactions will have a lower risk classification only after collection of a significant portion of the renegotiated debt.

The effects in subsidiary and associated companies related to the valuation ujibanco marketable securities and derivative financial instruments, as mentioned above in item c are recognized on the parent company so as to maintain the original record made by the subsidiary and associated companies.

Foreign onlendings consisting of long-term credit lines for project and trade financing and are payable up to December 15,with an average interest rate artepled 4. Interest on own capital paid receivednet. From January 1, Up to March, more than 30 agreements were cinems with unions in various regions of the country. The hedges as of March 31,were in accordance with the standards established by the Brazilian Central Bank.