She tells him that Lin Dong will soon be dead and she asks how they want to die. Just before the judge was about to announce her verdict, Shum said he had evidence to show that Lo had been scheming elaborately right from the beginning, even though he knew that Ka Ming is not Sung’s son. But Lin Dong is tired of everyone relying on fate to fight the Yimo. Huan Huan finds her father and asks if something bad happened to Lin Dong. In the woods, Lin Dong hugs Huan Huan, happy to see her again. Master Yan arrives, also realising where he has probably gone. The guards are ready to arrest them and take the Ice Talisman.

He told him that he values his conscience more than winning a case. The finale episodes were much better than the rest. Seriously, did I miss an episode? Suddenly they hear Lang Tian and as he enters the room, the Sixth Prince attacks her and runs off. Chimes are hanging in the trees and making sounds in the wind. For someone brought up as a spoilt and spendthrift rich kid, that must have been a great blow.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oh, please epiode there be a moment where she realises Lang Tian is an asshole and tells him off and then freezes his testicles off. Lin Dong finds Zhou Tong sleeping in the desert and talking about killing Yimo. Thank you for not giving up this project!!

Most Popular Time Travel Dramas. Sure enough, a familiar purple cloud appears.

Martial Universe: Episodes 31-40 Recap [COMPLETE]

Will Power Episode 20 0. He greets Qing Zhu who tells him she has a guaranteed spot for him with Taiqing Palace. Will Power Episode 14 0.

In the desert, Lin Dong finds Zhou Tong, the man he met in the desert before, and attacks him before realising who it is. She starts to get lightheaded and then hears a voice and sees…herself, but as the Ice Master. When Lin Diao says that Lin Dong will be there soon, she blasts him, but he tells her to go ahead and kill him.


Shum admitted that to him, winning is all that matters. Instead she just wants to take him home. Of course just as Qing Tan is being told that she needs to train in peace with no distractions, a disciple runs in and announces that there is a trespasser.

Lin Dong rushes to wake up the crew and tells them about the Ice Talisman.

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Then he surprises her by asking her to marry him, saying that three days married is better than a hundred years of regret. Sugar Club ‘s Kandy Wong.

I probably will watch the last 5 just so I might feel a sense of accomplishment. Then she reminds him that Lin Dong is now in Dao Sect eipsode will be looked up to and remembered more than he will be. Wilson was in despair in not having anything to help his case.

But Lin Dong really wants to save Huan Huan so he begs. He has an older brother who is also his coach, starred by Vincent Lam.

Suddenly she sees Qing Tan and follows after her as suddenly there is a lot of fog in the woods. When Lin Dong asks why he would fight the Yimo episod, he says that it is to keep his promise to Zhou Tong and to prevent more people from being killed. On my way Group: Retrieved from ” https: They can earn merits by killing those people and the higher the crime, the more the merit 3 be.

Lin Dong is a bad friend. Wu Dao thanks him for the honor, but then realises that this is a fake Tbdo Leader as the real one would never turn the sect over to him. So don’t miss the final episode this evening at 7. He can only watch her go. Later became Jayden’s rival and Holiday’s boyfriend.

The Legend of Hao Lan

I mean their debating skill very powerful! For this part, she appears to have Shum’s legal advice on how best to plant incriminating evidence on Ka Ming.


Qing Tan is certain who it is and asks Bo Xuan will send him away, but Lang Tian is determined to see her.

Of course she gets anxious as she waits longer. Jayden’s and Sam’s love interest. Huan Huan suddenly gets ill and coughs up blood. Lin Dong realises that the Talisman is hidden in one of the bodies, but first they need to break the enchantment by cutting the shackles that bind them.

She apologizes to the villagers on behalf of her father episodf their remaining energy tvgdo the talisman, which Lin Dong takes. Eugene discovered her father was not at home that night and saw him coming into the house early the next morning.

From the same person who produced Justice Sung series. He offers to go get Lin Dong, but she tells him not to. Wu Dao congratulates him for being one step closer to Huan Huan.

He hugs her and she is liking it a bit too much. Honestly, you could probably fast forward through most of this episode unless you are really into melodrama.

KoSong: Gist of story just before final episode of TVB’s Will Power

She tells him that they should instead get all the Talismans so that they can open the seal to let out the Yimo Emperor and defeat them once and for all. Lang Tian tells him off and kicks him out of the chamber.

The Sect Leader will face the Yimo on his own. She hears Lang Tian calling to her to go back with him and promising to give up everything for her, but she no longer believes him.