Did Myolie Wu just win 3 Awards? It is by no means perfect. For Shirley, she is busy filming the stage drama and that’s why she was absent during that ceremony! I was referring to why CBML got so many complaints when it won. Hey, Liza is a veteran in TVB! Some of the others were kinda awkward, but I think the worst is Felix! Best Variety Programme 1. Maggie Siu – A Watchdog’s Tale 4.

December 6, at 5: Land Off Feng Shui. December 6, at 7: And out of those nominated, them both were the ones who delivered the best performance. They are great dancers. Kevin Cheng Ghetto Justice 3. The 3 Gods aren’t worried other people are mad at them: As for charmaine winning fav character,though i think that sheren is way better character than her but since she left empty handed last year,i guess tvb wants to give at least something to her to give her some face.

Both series Mytv points were reported in news.

TVB 43rd Anniversary

Sharon Chan anniversray The Beauty of the Game 2. The ‘hot favourites’ are Wayne Lai and Moses Chan but both of them have got it before, chances of awarda getting it again are low because there are others they could award it to, but if it is really between them I would choose Wayne over Moses If TVB was really fair, there would be others getting the award. I was a huge shipper of Mandy so i was disappointed she didnt win.


It was funny that she took off her heels for Felix as she promised she would if she won. However, wayne and sheren totally deserved their awards!

About F.B.I.: TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards Predictions

And i really wish they will promote Maggie cheung because if u watched her old series, it was so good too. I finally know onlune there were so many complaints when CBML won.

April 3, at 6: My Favourite Male Character: Btw, just check wiki. December 6, at 7: Natalie was only good in AFOS. Sorry about my long rants, but Anniverrsary feel that this blog allows me to let off whatever thoughts I have about TVB.

No Regrets should have gotten the Best Drama award in my opinion. With this ridiculous thinking, i am glad Sheren will not be a part of this for next year series. Even without watching it, i believe it will be another drama as good as RB, maybe better.

That explains it tho! Posted 06 November – I think the Narrator Chan Mei Ting’s tone too contribute to making the series to perfection. Does not mean u were here longer u can win the award.


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In the Eye of the Beholder 9. I am not trying to say that CBML is totally undeserving but it is just not as good and meaningful and impressive as No Regrets. But Charmaine is also a grateful person and understands the power of retaining good relations with TVB as well.

Used without permission but without intent of infringement for non-profit, educational purposes only. Pretty much the same as Best Actor prediction, the ‘other’ one will get this award. So yes, I jumped up when they announced Sheren as the winner.

I loved everything about it. A very disappointing TVB Anniversary show. Right now I am guessing Raymond. November 19, at 8: Selena Li – A Fistful of Stances 4. Unlike others drama with the angry and emotional scene, kinda easy for Wayne to earn it twice.

The Other Truth [New Series]: Most of the awards went to the Heart of Greed Cast.