Many people spoke of the cursed royal family. In nights like this, I am terribly grateful for technology, for I can watch so many stories from creative minds, that might have taken place, but I’ll never know. They’re such a cute pair!!! Featured post How much you know about park shin hye? Six Flying Dragons 8. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Unfortunately, there has been many cases were the bullied commits suicide.

Once Racha comes back from the hospital she gets in an argument that provokes Tan Ying to admit to Poisoning Maan Kaew and starts to attack Racha but she sees Chai walking weakly and runs to him. How did she ever balance family and her job, being a queen? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I also adore his friendship with other characters. The palace was left with a dreadful atmosphere. I missed Stars Hollow. The male lead’s older brother is in love with the female lead, while the male lead is in love with the girl who is in love with the older brother.

On the day on the wedding Ann was given a peice of jewlery that was hers Ying is angerd by this somehows appears in front of Ann and attcks her.

I understand that the male lead was full of hatred and anger, but come on, why couldn’t the lead be the smart and strong man? Chai argues her insiting it changes nothing and if she knew who it was it wouldn’t do good to anyone. I swear they are such an underrated couple. JK then decides he wants to draw a picture of Ann and ask her to wear a traditional dress.


Discussion in ‘ Toomtam Yuthana ‘ started by BaubaiJul 18, Chai hasn’t been reborn yet his mom gaved the yuthaha to Ying Tham before she died and when Ying moved in she burned all the pictures.

Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang (ยุทธนา เปื้องกลาง) – MyDramaList

After that, as a drama addict, I had to watch. Want to watch the trailer? Notify me of yutahna comments via email. And geum dong-ie is such a gold.

Why did the writers write such pitiful and dumb leads? Now Vill’s being paired up with Pong ehhh and Sean yawn I’m not interested. That’s why I refused to watch toontam new lakorn with Son, Vill and him!

Please, give me this drama, but with mofies substance. Issuing opinions based on what all the parties express does not give me any right to form and express mine.

Cause he is just intense and sexy on screen but dorky in real life. I understand the female lead is into art, but why be so gloomy?

Chinese DramasTaiwanese Dramas. If you’re the type of person that enjoys an open ending, then watch this drama.

អ្នកណាខ្លះជាតួសំដែងក្នុងរឿង ដប់ម៉ឺន | Love U 100k

It is quite surprising to see how something virtual can affect the lives of people. Splash Splash Love The list will still go on.

I really don’t recommend this one, unless you don’t have anything else to watch. What is your drama?

However, an ugly teenage underdog loves one of the girls; he uses his secret admirer skills to cheer her up. Yes Wang Kai, the Prince Jing in the drama.

She asked him to give the letter to Tawee and toomtaj him for the love he always had for her. Actually I considered legend of zhen huan but it took 76 episode until finale which is soo… Impossible for me. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and tootam you personalized content. The lines are no different, but as a drama addict, you have just had to watch it.


No, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Toomtam Yuthana Puengklarng

BaubaiJul 18, After a passionate night, the evil twin leaves without any trail. Mines definitely Vill, but he’s also tlomtam amazing pair with Mo! I’m actually super excited!

I want to watch more of this series! There were two story lines that I wanted to follow: As the title says, she’s never been kissed, and she has not had the ideal high school life. But then I regret, cause I will missed some points. Chai apologise for not beliving her and convinces her to return to the city with him and find a doctor to help her. And this show give me the best invention of the year. But Vill and ToomTam chemistry is cute, sweet and sexy when Vill is the bad one.

I really enjoy watching him in his characters. And Wallace Huo looks almighty with his costume. Still i have tpomtam drama list which realease in to watch in Marry me or Not 4. It is an average drama.