The fact that this scene was only inserted to show how sweet and kind our heroine is to be able to go and comfort the EVIL girl, and thus is more worthy of the hero, makes it even worse. Thanks for the very funny recap. We flashback to Dad telling us the truth: Thanks for the recap as always, gummi. Then her eyes notice the fallen picture of the man on the floor. Nikila November 9, at 1: I haven’t crushed like this in a while, and finding out that he’s a hyung whore was just the best thing EVER. So, basically she’s nothing without sports and she can’t ever move on.

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe P and throw caution to the wind with my logic. That’s why he smiled watching them work together and that’s why he’s stopped telling off JaeHee everytime she came to him- he has come to believe in Jae Hee, the way he told off her brother for not doing at the beginning of the series. Sure you would, except for that bonus question asking whether he can eat eggs or not. Why the Thursday episode always better than Wednesday episode? I don’t like being manipulated, writers.

My ears are ringing I have to admit that beautifup was gummi’s recaps of this series that finally made me go watch it well, I started from Episode 4 and now I even catch the raws when I can.

Episode 15

I mean, come on! Eun-gyul, favorite character in this version. Jeannette October 3, at 2: Everyone gets to work and the boys do their best to carry the heavier loads for Jae-hee. And Jae-hee comes out of the shower and gives an approving nod at his dedication to exercise. We have only four episodes left! When Eun-gyul gives a forlorn sigh, Hyun-jae grabs him into a headlock, telling him to stay strong.

Still, I did think to myself in this order: I haven’t crushed like this in a while, and finding out that he’s a hyung whore was just the best thing EVER.

What a great friend. I think, in her case, they should have given her more lines to express her sadness or serious situations instead of relying on her face alone to tell her story. This is not supposed to be sersious and flawless considered it’s a ramake from a freaking manga and most of lead casts are new and young I agree that the writing is inconsistent and the acting arent the best but it’s a fun n young drama that should make people smile Seo Jun Young Supporting Cast.


I mean, if 2Min doesn’t happen. Toma’s Nakatsu was great his acting out his inner monologues were geniusbut it was not exactly like Nakatsu in the manga – the jdrama Nakatsu was much more comical and strange.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Jae-hee is looking up tickets back to LA when Tae-joon returns from practice. D I really do like this drama, but, JH!

The spotlight shines back on Tae-joon, who comes to face to face with his Daddy issues. She jabbers on about how it must have been hard on Tae-joon to suddenly get a roommate who nagged him and how tiring it must have beautifyl to carry her.

I absolutely adore EG for embracing his feeling unmindful if the person is a boy or a girl. I repeated it a couple of times the first time I saw it. Tae-joon places a replacement to the moisturizer that broke earlier with a smile. Jae-hee puts dng hand to her flushed cheeks, recalling the charged moment in practice. He gets up to leave just when Dad walks in.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 14 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The manga as well as the other two series have always introduced him drakacrazy he’s one of the vital player in the book with regards to Sano’s reconnection with his father. Caitlyn October 1, at 9: EG and Sungri are forever cute. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both adaptions and now enjoying the Korean remake as well.

To talk about perfection and to fill our unsatisfaction thru out this drama, what l can say is there is a lot of space lack that suppose to be better or.

I thinki I cried more then, at how lonely, burdened and sad little SJ was, than when he was crying by the river.


Mm, hard to tell because in these past two episodes all of those expressions look pretty darn similar. Meta [Happily never after] 41 Thanks for all of your opinions everyone – two episodes left! Thank Shisus, it is real! Her outfits are so ill-fitting and uncoordinated, esp.

To the beautifu you Special Pt Why the Thursday episode always better than Wednesday episode? In the language of flowers, the mum communicates a number of different sentiments. As for Jae-hee, I wish I could root for her and there are plenty who do but she’s not one of my favorite heroines. But with this drama I have freaking fallen for Minho so hard it’s not even funny.

TTBY might not be cohesive on all plotpoints but I’m sure there was a dramwcrazy for this one, aka. So Midas had to be make a special cap so that it would hide his ears in public engagements since he was still King of Phrygia. Jeannette September 24, at 5: I want Jae-hee to wrestle more with that and face some obstacles because of it. Tae-joon listens with a smile and teases that yes, she was heavy.

I’m kinda impressed with Sulli’s acting at first but maybe of the writing, JH is really boring. P – A part of me is wishing that once Jae-Hee finds out Tae-joon knew all along she was girl, she would be angry with him.

So Dad figured that it would be better if his son hated him instead if it meant that it made things easier on Tae-joon. They have such amaizing chemistry together and I haven’t been like this since dream high 1 i feel sorry for sulli. I watched the Japanese version and Episdoe can’t quite remember how long things lasted after Nakatsu found out, it might’ve only been a two episode span as well.