The modification tools “tweak” the color and luminance anomalies of the gray scale line and controls the extent to which near by colors are affected by the modification in 3 dimensions through range Low, High , blend and radius settings. Search for the word “Filters” twice. Aug 15, at 7: Aug 14, at 5: Sorry that’s a bit vague but I’m at work at the moment. Une image superbe, couleurs naturelles et brillantes. Thank’s to all people here for their advices Now in french for peoples like me searching advices on this model and help them! Hope this is of use to you all.

Aug 14, Messages: I wanna thank you for your info really. I am quite confident that you would appreciate and notice further improvements to the accuracy of your system. So to give you an idea and re-iterate, the normal data presented in reviews is for these measurements in the cube. From reviews you will probably have read that anything under 3 is believed to be imperceptible in a moving image. I was asked by EA Games to do some work in their presentation facility down here and in it they had an 85″ panasonic plasma flanked by two 65″ LG plasma displays. BlueChris , Aug 15,

Jul 13, Messages: All those average errors down under 3.

So with all that in mind i’d say you have made a good decision to use a white balance setting you think is calibrafor pleasing to view. I just had a look at the settings link in your profile.

Aug 14, at 9: The problem then is that its quite possible to make the one you are used to seeing look correct and have great delta errors at those measured points, but the reality is that many many other unsampled points are actually quite wrong. Basically we all do eye calibrations and the best i achieved was with a calibration blu ray and red blue and green filters.


No, create an account now. I bought the TV after reading this forum. To get better than this on this system would require the use of something like a Lumagen video cailbrator with its 3DLUT capability.

Ted’s LightSpace CMS Calibration Disk

Aug 13, at It was a major struggle to get them to look the same as each other let alone the same as the Panasonic But I got my harmony remote which I use. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

From that it sounds like the colour accuracy is good yes? Aug 13, Messages: Gordon Convergent AVAug 15, Jun 18, Messages: See below for my explanation ; 4. Because tv has the setting to warm2 which makes the image red. Aug 15, at 2: Generically, they are called mods.

Also, besides the fact you are making adjustments based on false feedback, the adjustment you are making is not just affecting the coloured patch you are looking at. Great info m8 thank you, i suppose better i reset the color alterings that i did then till i find a calibrator. Une image superbe, couleurs naturelles et brillantes.

Do you already have an account? In that case choosing a setting like warm 1 or medium will likely be nicer error to look at, though a worse measured error Living in Surrey, covering UK!


Of these the greyscale average error was 5. The reality is that the range of colours in the gamut of the display actually looks 3-dimensional like this. Yes, my password rwy So i then set about calibrating using the displays tools. Start the profile run; d. The clients delta errors had the bulk of them above 6 going up to 29!

Each Photoshop mod is unique to a specific movie. I was asked by EA Games to do some work in their presentation facility down here and in it they had an 85″ panasonic plasma flanked by two cqlibrator LG plasma displays.

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Speed, Range and Precision are the cornerstones for accurate display adjustments. Aug 15, at 8: So, what’s Light Space? J’ai pu faire quelques essais rapide: I use Relax 0.

Try to play with PS4: The panasonic plasma’s seem much more consistent. Hope this is of use to you all. Aug 14, at 4: Aug 15, at This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. I’m ,aufen saying that you shouldn’t have a go at doing this yourself I am just mentioning that it’s not all as simple as it seems