It trembled in response. It’s the last year of Hogwarts for the Seventh year students. Soon he realizes that Hermione has a secret that could kill her, and that all of the wizarding world could be at risk. Vote for your favorite Challenge 55 icons. We will never be here again. Furious that Granger got him into this mess, Draco decides to teach her a lesson It has a lot of pureblood culture and angst, early Dramione, war, Hogwarts, post-war, them together, them apart, dark er Draco… just about everything is in this story.

Ksenia Odintsova added it Oct 27, Children of the Dark – Year 7 By: People were either forced to live discordant, or they were lucky enough to find that balance through someone else. Out of sheer need and desperation, they come together. Draco is playing dangerous games in dangerous times to ensure the peace remains after the second wizarding war. I think five of the most popular asks we get these days are in no particular order: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Bespoke Witch by glitterally Why: Hello, can you reccommend any fics similar to ways and means by floorcoaster? I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and rec me like some of the saddest angstiest dramione you’ve ever read?

A Pound of Flesh by Pennilyn Novus

Salvation only realized through cooperation. The Symmetrical Transit by everythursday – MA,10 Chapters – Draco believed the world was screwed up because a lack of balance. But their final year timekeepefs school, will be just like the previous six – full of adventure and excitement. The Fallout by everythursday: Reverse Challenge Phase 2 art prompts Sign-ups: Olga Anokhina marked it as to-read Jan 30, This is the most risky of paradigms.


Hermione Granger is lost and Draco Malfoy is a broken man. Not just slang and whatnot, they are more proper, and their words are more complex. Sometimes what we want can destroy us – and sometimes it can build us new again. Here is a collection of drabbles written for challenges.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Round Two fic exchange Sign-ups: A series of interconnected drabbles. Furious that Granger got him into this mess, Draco decides to teach her a lesson When he returns to Hogwarts, perhaps that’s all he needs.

What happens when bj realizes he might have feelings for her? Greatest gamble, greatest reward.

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Thirteenth Night by nelpher – MA, 24 chapters – When Hermione is assigned to keep tabs on a memory-charmed Draco, she is faced with a decision that could change her life forever. The Green Girl by Colubrina Why: Draco, what more could you ask for. Hi I have 2 questions. Pennolyn list of our 10 favourites.

pennilyn novus

One night out on the town, Hermione comes face to face with Draco Malfoy—Memory Charmed and living as a Muggle—and an opportunity too good to pass up. What I find most haunting about this story is that the machinations involved that force Hermione and Draco together and force her timekeepwrs stay with novuw are not all that different than the situations women around the world find themselves in today.

She chases him into the Room of Requirement, and the room forces them to face their greatest fears together in order to find the door. Solveiga Judina marked it as to-read Oct 14, Takes place during regency.

I definitely reccomend that btw, it got reading on my toes and thank heavens its completed!


I really movus your blog and it has helped me find so many great fan fictions. Ami rated it it was ok Oct 05, Draco is carrying out a life sentence in Azkaban, and his only friend is a spider. Log in Sign up. Favorite Story Centered Around a Child: Mati marked it as to-read Jul 15, Hermione wants it to save the world.

Thank you so much! Manon rated it really liked it Nov 27, A few months ago people kept asking for SingleParent! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Draco is forced to return to timekeeperrs, and strange things begin to occur.

A series of drabbles, snippets, vignettes, day-in-the-life-of snapshots in my corner of the dramione-verse. He’s fallen in love with her, and he wants to keep things exactly as they are – the problem Since your last few posts have been about tropes, I was wondering which ones are super popular right now? Draco tries to juggle awkward situations, parenthood, and his own budding interest in Hermione Granger.

Worth Fighting For pennilynn by alexajohnson pennllyn by jezzifishie Summary: I really struggled to cut my list down to just 10 stories so I decided to do my list by theme: Whoo finally done this is the fics I remember: This gives her the opportunity to truly change the course of the war, tmiekeepers it creates some really interesting scenarios for her and for Draco.