Sandara Park Supporting Cast. To him, doing this will allow him to protect the people his younger brother wanted to protect. Eun Chae — Iljimae ————— — He loves her but mentioned earlier to Bong Soon that he wants to forget his first love, when he asked Bong Soon to go away with him. No one dares to hurt him, as he is holding the king. But like any great understanding of statement, there needs to be a basis for an explained opinion as to why one views things a certain way. He calls the fortuneteller to find out his fate. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Oh and does Eun Chae know who Iljimae truly is, besides him being her first and last love ah!

Thank you so much for recapping this series. I wonder who has military bases in Korea now. The emperor asks for his sword, which holds huge significance. So I must believe that he is still the sky, and that serving him is to serve a great purpose. Thank you so much for recapping this spectacular series! The characters and plot points just belong. Not that I think you’re wrong about the level of ability, just that I don’t think that Il-Woo is entirely to blame for the sense of slow dragged out progression and flatness of character development felt in early episodes.

Episode 21

Log in with Email. When looking to jump into the internet marketing realm, first thing is first; set up shop. He turns to face Wang Hweng-bo, who panics: I think what makes this Iljimae remarkable is not that he was a good su or charismatic hero, but that he was open to learning.


It really has my mind thinking… Thanks for the recaps though. My bestie enjoys your write up.

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Where is she if his heart belongs to Eun Chae? It greatly relieves not only Wol-hee but everyone else to hear that Iljimae intends to come back. Or should I say, bittersweet. Not only names was wrongly spelt, but it was always changing in spelling. teh

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Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to iljimqe. But Gu confuses him by telling him to go find her, and letting him out of his shackles. Then he jumps into the fray, pretending to be fighting Iljimae, but only passing on a message. Jung IL woo did really a great job! He looks his brother in the eye and they acknowledge each other.

To make matter worse, the ending episode 20 has no English subtitles at all, only in Chinese characters. He kneels before her and calls out gently, and thankfully, Baek-mae opens her eyes. Well, I most say thanks JB, I enjoy your recaps all the time but this one was awesome!

Korea at the end of the year. Your reviews are amazingly thorough and descriptive and much shorter to read than to watch a hour-long episode. Whatever you could see and hear, I could too, whether it was the sound of the wind, the sound of the water, the clouds, or even the starlight.


I am crying retirn heart out eventhough i ain’t no watz gonna happen. Iljimae reading Wol-hee’s letter.

Gu cites the law stating that when a criminal confesses and turns himself in, he is given lighter sentencing. Drama of the Year So Soo-ryun offers herself, in penance for her misguided anger, vowing to do whatever she must do to get the letter into the right hands. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

Not to mention with her disability! There are also certain inherent problems with such dating. He orders the other officers out to allow him privacy. Learn how to market your home based sewing business online and in your local community.

People come and go. Iljimae did not collapse because of that slash but rather because of the blow. I just finished watching this series on Dramafever. The characters and plot points just belong. Let me just say this: The king is silent on this.