Joyce April 20, at 8: Wol sees it as comforting someone. But points for trying. O loved this drama: Perhaps the dead truly knows what life has in store for us. Queen Yoon asks for a full recounting of the last eight years.

Nok Young orders everything packed up, as they are leaving now. Wol sees it as comforting someone. We hear a voiceover of Yang Myung asking Wol if she really is a shaman, and Wol confirming that she is. Was really crazy about that movie. Now that’s where my affection for her died. Bo Kyung sees and hears this scene, which makes her furious, having never seen Hwon smile so happy towards her before.

He says he meant embracex to, if anything as self-punishment: It says a lot that I skipped through most of the penultimate episode and didn’t even feel such a loss with Seol because I knew she was going to go, as per the novel, but we never had any chance to empathise with her character.

Lee Won Geun Supporting Cast. The King orders the father of the little girl he ran into brought before the court.

She has hidden a gift in this room for him. Hwon wants to know why the man is being targeted for elimination now? All that said, I thought the finale was true to the spirit of the show.

The goons arrive and Yang Myung turns into his serious and kickass persona, warning the goons that they are dead if they dare to harm this girl.


The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 8 Recap

I would rather watch him doing some action scenes and I would also like to see Seol have some action scenes too… I still like the music in this drama. We basically knew exactly what would happen with the central story from day one, and it never once mkon from that path. Wol is getting forcibly bathed to be prepared for the King as his human amulet.

Your recaps bring me joy.

Oh, I checked out emotionally this dramas at episode11 or so. She only has eyes for Hwon, her worry for him immediate and palpable. Instead of writing this recap I was out actually talking about dramas with friends for a change. What a goddrama for our intelligence! But Syn remain firmly on board this steamrolling train, having been sufficiently engaged by it all that I want to see how it all shakes out. He looks upon Wol and immediately recognizes her. It fits her better as age, moon-face, chemistry, acting.

He drinks the tea but chokes a little before finishing the rest of it.

There were so many wasted characters – sigh March 17, at 7: Bluefyre March 15, at 9: That four episode extension might have really helped in getting this drama to have a better plot and paced better. Hyung-sun offers to check the validity of the instrument, then demonstrates his own amazing proficiency on it.


Nok Young is willing to return to the Royal Astrology Office, but there is no need for two captains at the same ship.

The moon embracing the sun episode 19| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달 – Video Dailymotion

Frustrated, he shoves the gayageum away and blames it for sucking. It’s like those swirly lollipops from Disney.

Ha Ga In is getting better. Now, Minister Yoon shouts at Yang-myung to finish the deed without hesitation. I do cheer for their love, but it really seems that people only live to shape Hwon and yeowoo’s relationship.

The moon embracing the sun episode 19| Korean drama| 해를 품은 달

Was really crazy about that movie. What is your true identity? The moment the suns meet, we also see one moon being swallowed up, symbolizing the death of Bo-kyung.

August 18th – October 7th.