Emma fits this role, but after the initial attraction between the two, the magic wears off and she means less and less to Kugelmass who is all but desperate to get Persky to send her back to her novel. Kugelmass goes near Persky to have an affair with Emma Bovary. In the early s he first attended New York University, where he failed motion picture production and English, and then City College of New York, where he also flunked out. Only one of the writers on the show is Jewish. The Deconstructive Critique,” Pam Gilbert summarizes the fundamental principles of reader-response theories, They focus, she observes,. C2 Sample Essay 24 Teacher Qualities.

It appears in the collection, Fierce Pajamas: Kugelmass does not love his second wife, he does not want to divorce her. They spend a wonderfully romantic weekend together, and Emma has never been as happy. But reality is as harsh as it had always been, with its imperfect morality, and she is once again alone and in a state of hopelessness and despair. Get The Kugelmass Episode from Amazon. In his short story “The Kugelmass Episode,” Woody Allen extends the relationship between reader and text posited by reader-response critics.

The cabinet Persky analjsis for Kugelmass’s amazing journeys is cheap and “badly lacquered. The Great Persky asks Kugelmass what his pleasure is in terms of female heroines to have an affair with.

He tells Emma he will return as soon as possible, calls for Persky, and is transported back to New York. A Stanford professor, unable to simply see the text for what it is, remarks that it shows that the mark of a classic is that “you can reread it a thousand times and always find something new.

Many of New York’s leading entertainers, writers, artists and art patrons were of Jewish origin, and American intellectualism began to become closely associated with the New York Jewish community. kugelmqss

He doesn’t speak like an educated man at all, but uses colloquialisms and a very New York Jewish speech pattern; the only time he deviates from this is to call his wife a “troglodyte” a cave dweller and to whisper sweet nothings into Emma Bovary’s ear.

Kugelmass considers her an “oaf” and a “troglodyte” who had promise and money but has now grown fat.

The Kugelmass Episode

Kugelmass is furry, he resembles a bear. Both these characters show the most shallow side of the entertainment industry, that focuses not on art but on money and fame. A recurring theme in Allen’s fiction and films is the line between art and life, between fantasy and reality.


Rather than kugelmwss that something crazy is epksode, the teachers think that their students are on pot or acid. But he does not content with them because he does not know what he wants. Persky, an unsuccessful entertainer, is described as short, thin, and waxy-looking, and lives in a broken-down apartment house.

I want love and beauty. The Purple Rose of Cairo develops the idea of art’s allure more fully and delicately, showing why humans choose to escape to analyysis. However, partly because of Allen’s enormous popularity and success as a filmmaker, “The Kugelmass Episode” and his other prose works have received almost no sustained critical or scholarly attention.

Kugelmass tells Persky to always get him into the book before pagewhen the character Rodolphe appears.

Argute Legacy: Woody Allen – The Kugelmass Episode (Overview)

Once again, Kugelmass wants to escape—this time his fantasy-turned-reality—either by committing suicide or running away to Europe. Persky tosses a paperback copy of Flaubert’s novel into the cabinet with Kugelmass, taps it three times, and Kugelmass finds himself at the Bovary estate in Yonville in the French countryside.

He tells Daphne that he will be attending a symposium in Boston, and the next afternoon, Emma comes to New York.

Newer Post Older Post Home. When Vaudeville theaters were replaced by nightclubs in the s and 40s, comedy became less physical and began to focus on language and observations about the incongruities and anxieties of life. But three weeks later he is asking Persky again to transport him into another fictional realm.

Is anything safe in this crazy world? More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Kugelmass Episode. Humor is used in this story with a sense of total absurdness of events that occur in the story. Woody Allen – The Kugelmass Episode. During their time together, Emma complains about her husband, Charles, and her dull rural existence. The story was included in Kugelmads collection Side Effects inand has been widely anthologized.

He rose to fame with the release of Take the Money and Run, a spoof of gangster movies that he wrote, starred in, and directed. The Great Persky is the magician who transports Kugelmass into Emma Bovary’s world using kufelmass badly lacquered, cheap-looking Chinese cabinet. The protagonist, as might the errant husband in any culture on a Friday night or weekend away from his wife, searches for a woman or his “mass of Kugel,” and he wants her to be French and respectable.

The Deconstructive Critique,” Pam Gilbert summarizes the fundamental principles of reader-response theories, They focus, she observes.


Before the second world war, much Jewish humor relied on self-caricature, but after Jews ran into less discrimination and new possibilities opened up to them, and they began to get into radio and television. In Gil bert Clandon’s case, the legacy his wife leaves him is m But he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, because the call of flesh is more powerful than that of his head.

The movie studio then sends the actor Shepherd to convince his character to get back into the film, and Shepherd asks Cecelia to choose him over his screen persona, epixode them a life together. The Kugelmass Episode from Gale.

View the Study Pack. Persky warns him that the machine has not been in use since the earlier “unpleasantness,” but Kugelmass says he wants to do it, and asks to enter Portnoy’s Complaint. As they kiss and embrace, Kugelmass remembers that he has a date to meet his wife, Daphne.

The Kugelmass Episode by Octavia Selim on Prezi

But he is also an irresponsible, selfish, shallow man who wants a lot for very little—he wants analhsis escape his humdrum life and unhappy marriage, but epixode at the expense of his career or marriage. What Do I Read Next? In the following essay, Champion explores how readers and the protagonist “enter the text” in “The Kugelmass Episode,” reversing the phenomenon of reader-response.

Kuelmass, like Allen’s heroes in other stories and films, is a schlemiel, or hapless bungler who finds himself the victim of circumstances often of his own making in an absurd and confusing world. Emma, when she comes to New York, becomes a parody of an actress with aspirations to fame.

This study guide contains the following sections: His heart is light, and he thinks he is in love. But the machine is fixed at last, and Kugelmass rushes Emma tne Persky’s and eventually back to the novel.

After The Great Persky transports Kugelmass to Yonville, and he begins an affair with Emma Bovary, he can’t believe his luck and is happy for a while; he has never been particularly successful he failed Freshman English.

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