The staffer heads down in the elevator, where she sees a woman with a strange tattoo…. Minea May 14, at A female officer is walking down a hallway and someone calls out Kim Hang Ah. Jae Ha slams the door open and charges the older boys who are harassing his older brother. And there are usually so many people. They let each other be themselves, no expectations, no idealized versions, just letting each other BE, flaws and all.

Jae Kang tries to stay calm and defuse the situation, but those boys are clearly wanting to pick a fight. I leaned on you more than anyone. The King asks her name? Withdrawal symptoms to the max. We are sisters indeed! And thanks for the link. Forcing the issue too early could result in a second viral attack of the K2H virus. I’m still clicking like crazy, though, since I have the time for now, and I want to see this great drama climbs the higher place.

The King 2 Hearts Episode 1 Recap

I didn’t even bother to bring mine out because I knew it would be futile. I can trace it back as far as Adam. The announcer reads that the royal family places such importance on the WOC that the prince will be participating as a member.

Will you join us? Jae-ha abdicates the throne peacefully, or he will be removed by force. Kinv know that much has been said about them, but this morning I woke up and was thinking about why I love them so much.


But Jae-ha presses the Big Red Button and suddenly soldiers from both sides charge into the room, guns drawn.

One more small thing Jane “Read somewhere that he was supposed to get killed off dramacrxzy Jae Ha in episode 19, but that the script has been changed” That’s good news if indeed the script has been changed so Shi Kyung wouldn’t die or anyone else except the baddies. Thank you for your information. Some lines from it:. You can also check the comments session, because fans usually put the voting links there.

How can we not love them? Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Pink Violet May 28, at 2: Osi May 28, at 3: The prime drwmacrazy admits caving to U. But spa time gets cut short with an email from Club M. They did not have to pretend and play hard to get which is refreshing to see in a kdrama. Glad I’m not alone, lol.

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But whatever, we need to beat others! He feels compelled to pay back his fathers crimes, I guess. I feel the same way.

Because now I know that he’s going to evolve so magnficently, I can be even more indulgent of his bratty ways for the moment and anticipate the delicious transformation He looks up in horror, and the general says these are all numbers projected inso they can probably double them. Her friends remind Hang Ah how to behave today — sweet, keep her voice low, and hold hands.


The King 2 Hearts

I loved Me Too, Flower, also, though very different from the above. I’m so happy that I checked back in because otherwise I would’ve missed out dramacgazy this comment. In the next comment just tell us it’s the continuation of the story in comment xxx.

When the other two soldiers come in, Shi Kyung lies that he fired the gun. I love your comments which are always so insightful and beautifully expressed. To be truth, dramadrazy thread dra,acrazy the one that fill my time for the next King’s Day.

TK2H Ep 16 already has 1,! In the dream scene, I just love Jae-Ha’s shock look when he saw Hang-ah in his room. Just love how consistent she was throughout the drama. He looks up at the camera and orders him to say it directly, and stop using Hang-ah as his shield. Hang Ah and her date walk through the park.

Gah, the all-the-way-around-arm-wrapping just does me in.