Use the HTML below. This page was last edited on 23 February , at As everyone awkwardly heads back upstairs, Vince is propositioned by the wife of Dennis the Head Shaman in the stock room. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The flat, however, is re-used for most of the setting of the episode “Party”. Season 1 Episode 8. One way to think of it would be the light approach of “Flight of the Conchords” crossed with the narrative cohesion of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”! Full Cast and Crew.

Before being able to do so, he is shot by Eleanor. Within this world are zoo keepers Vince Noir and Howard Moon; the former a preening and endlessly cheerful Mod, the latter a rather unmemorable man filled with his own sense of importance and intellect. However, Vince won’t let him as he suffers from The Chokes, an intense form of stage fright. To save him, Naboo shrinks Howard and his blind friend Lester Corncrake down to microscopic size and injects them into Vince’s body to kill the invasive cell. Although Vince is desperate to join as their singer, they will only allow him to if he can fit into a pair of drainpipe trousers that they give him. The Boosh challenge the Zeus to a crimp-off, eventually winning by way of a four-way crimp, involving Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo. The Mighty Book of Boosh. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist?

The Mighty Book of Boosh. Knowing the sort of sense of humour I had, a friend suggested watching it eeason then put the DVD boxset into my hand to be sure that I checked it out.

Julian Barratt Seasoon Fielding. They arrive to find The Flighty Zeus plagiarising an earlier crimp of theirs. Attempting to hide on the roof, Vince finds a dejected Howard. Overall then an enjoyable and imaginative comedy.

Vince lies to Naboo, saying it is Howard who is responsible. Edit Storyline Bob Fossil has a big problem at Zoo-niverse.

I know I certainly did and until recently I had it in my head that Boosh was just another sketch show trading on the “wacky”. As everyone awkwardly heads back upstairs, Vince is propositioned by the wife of Dennis the Head Shaman in the stock room.


However, Vince won’t let him as he suffers from The Chokes, an intense form of stage fright. The 50 Greatest Episodes of After a short game of spin the bottle downstairs in the Nabootique, which is broken up by Naboo, Howard inadvertently reveals that seadon is a virgin.

All he has to do is find a couple of idiots to drive Ivan there in the clapped-out old Zoo-niverse van. Howard proceeds to renounce his new-found homosexuality as soon as he sees the jazz girl from the start of the episode, but Vince is heartbroken and claims he will never love again; until his female friend hjtcher outside.

Howard and Vince then rescue Naboo, and the Board of Shaman celebrate by taking drugs. List of recurring characters List of minor characters Unnatural Acts Sweet. Instead what the show produces is this constant air of amusement that throws up a handful jighty really big laughs.

Naboo then fires Howard, and is imprisoned by the Board of Shaman to be executed.

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Howard quickly abandons this philosophy when he has his style stolen by Lance Dior’s partner, Harold Boom, who together become The Flighty Zeus. The Hitcher awakens, having been saved by the Survival Elbow Patch he had stolen from Howard earlier.

The two then fall off the roof and on hitdher Vince’s present for Howard: Howard and Vince recover the Shaman Juice, and are chased through the sewers by the Crack Fox, who is eventually crushed to death by a bin lorry, which is waiting for him at the sewer exit.

This repulses Dennis into leaving, but has an inadvertent effect on Howard It transpires that “Voodoo Scat” was made with a drop of Howlin’ Jimmy Jefferson’s blood, infecting Vince’s bloodstream with a malignant rogue Jazz cell, causing him to embarrass his bandmates by scat singing at their gig in the Velvet Onion, which causes a riot.


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Vince eventually gets his drainpipes on, but the excess weight is squeezed up to his head, hhe him to overbalance onstage, ruining the gig. The Jazz cell is now also normal size, but is defeated by Lester, who stabs him with Sid Vicious ‘ safety pincausing him to stumble away crying, falling over one of the now dead former bandmates and dying in the doorway.

Retrieved 16 December Connections Featured in The Mighty Boosh: Use dmy dates from September EngvarB from September Vince convinces Howard thr paying a female friend of his to feign an interest in jazz and stationery to allow him to throw a party in bposh flat, supposedly in celebration of Howard’s birthday, but in reality for Vince to show off his new outfit. Trivia Anton Chekov wrote a weason called “The Bear”.

He invites all his friends, who are seemingly unaware of who Howard is, or what his involvement in the party might be. The thing is though, the stories work within the twisted logic of the show and there is a certain pleasure in seeing where they go for example, why wouldn’t the deadly wolves in the forest turn out to be mods?

Add the first question. The supporting cast is a delight. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. User Reviews Season 1: The Independent on Sunday. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Howard acquires a rare Jazz record aeason Scat” by Howlin’ Jimmy Jefferson which Vince, now a punkbites into, submitting to peer pressure from his new punk bandmates.