Welcome to the 60’s Dancer Mary Pitt Am ber Von Tussle, you have acne of the soul. Maybelle’s Store Dancer Jamal Sims They’ll never be able to shove them back out the door with us blocking it! I’m big, blonde and beautiful! Yes I This progra m’sjoi n ing you a lready i n progress.

Yes, more or less we all agree Someday the world is. Craig Zadan and Neil Meron , the executive producers of the Academy Award -winning film adaptation of the Broadway musical Chicago , were hired as the producers for Hairspray , [27] and began discussing possibly casting John Travolta and Billy Crystal or Jim Broadbent as Edna and Wilbur Turnblad, respectively. For those of youse new to the pena l system, I’m letting you know now that I don’t stand for boozi ng, doping, cussing, gam bli ng, fighting, or. Record Hop Dancer Stacey Martin It’sjust Eddie Fisher all over again. It’s t he drea m of a l ifetime. Is gonna feel it too.

Barking Dog Laura Edwards Round six Round six. Al l right gi rls, who wa nts to ta ke a shower?

The ever sparki n’, Si,r Li n k La rki n! I’m sorry but I simply can not appear on television at my present weight. They can’t get enough. She sprays her hair with hairspray. They can’t keep me here forever. To this red carpet ride. Enough ta l k.


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If kids saw us danci ng together on TV, they’d real ize that we’re not so d ifferent after a ll. I’m a woman in love and we know about this stuff.

I’m sorry, Prudy Pingleton, but there were some extra. Archived from the original on September 28, And just throw them away. But that place is your life. Post-production took place in Los Angeles. Velma tells Amber about her rigging scheme in front of a camera planted by Edna, resulting in her firing. It was just a cool way to end the song. As he walks me down the aisle My mother starts to cry.

Full Cast & Crew

Okay, I’ll do it! Retrieved July 29, Did n’t I forbid you from listeni ng to race m usic?

I know there’s a place where I belong TRACY re-enters in a matching outfit. This morning life was a Baltimore fairy tale Haifspray I can’t make bail!


Huh The blacker the berry Oo. They haven’t hea rd the l ast from us. And what are you doing here? That I’m your man And you’re my girl That I’m the sea. And he probably likes you too.


Hey, there, sophomores and sophomores at hea rt! I still don’t care for them. Don’t ma ke things worse for you rselves. I was thin ki ng it might be time to change that, too. EDNA screams with delight!

Oh, stop, Wil bu r.

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Plus, my hair’s deflating! Cozy u p to old Corny a nd tell us about you rself, Trrrrace. Ah, ah, a h! For those of youse new to the pena l system, I’m letting you know now that I don’t stand for boozi ng, doping, cussing, gam bli ng, fighting, or.

Ain’t big enough for me For me.