Now don’t get me wrong, I like a steamy novel but this, No words as I said before. Despite my enjoyment of the story, my inner smut will have to sulk because I will not buy the remaining segments of the Druid Breeders. She is basically a breeder Um, I don’t think so. In front of their hot gazes, she prowled in front of them, untamed and hot, ready for anything These so called rescuers, Cole and Nathan, proceed to put an end to the rapists and turn their attention to Rachel and Michelle. The old half-blood crone Druid, who’s pushed for the union between the Druid females and Reapers.

Read at your own risk. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. So my review and rating stands. To those who have not been introduced to the Series of the Druid Breeders—you are in for a treat! Book one starts with Rachel in a boring job going out with her girlfriend to a club where she’s attacked by vampires and humans. There were not any likable characters at all.

True to Knight in Creepy style Armour form – they save the “heroine” from the ultimate outrage.

Duid 3 thoughts – The rapey raperson vibe is back, but this time it’s in a view spoiler [dream sequence hide spoiler ]making it more of a fantasy fetish thing. Consensual or not, this at least focuses on actual story progression and didn’t read as if it was written one-handed, if you know what I mean. I read the reviews before starting and they were mixed to say the least some loved it but a lot commented that the writing was shocking and they were right, it’s really bad I struggled to get through this book and I really wanted to like it since I thought the idea was an interesting one but it’s not good.


Rachel is such a lovable character with her sassiness and inner monologues, she is a force to be reckoned with. There were not any likable characters at all. But she is kidnapped by a group of vampires before swries can consummate their relationship. She is fondled, probed and abused by humans and vampires.

The Druid Series 1-3: Reapers / Bled / Harvest

Quite a few of my friends read and enjoy non-con books. What tje finds is anything short of unbelievable Michelle is being taken advantage of by two guys in a car outside of the club.

There was so much going on, so much action so much sex and so many twists and turns I was never going to be disappointed.

The way I feel is the way I feel. I just don’t care enough about any of the characters to continue and the story isn’t that compelling.

Reapers (The Druid Series #1) by Marata Eros

Lots of dark shady problems from the two groups, and there starts your problem of choosing who you hate more. Then comes the sub-par writing.

Good enough to continue on martaa the series. Cole also seems doomed to make bad choices which result in increasingly grim circumstances. Let me explain something though, when I have no words to describe my feelings.

Reapers 2 stars Quick reading and interesting world building. Each Reaper that is eliminated, makes druuid available pool of Reaper Warriors smaller.

The Druid Series 10 books. And then some attempted rape. I wasn’t a fan of how the friend was tossed off with no concern. They are not described in detail.


Lucky for her she managed to entice Cole like no other. But finally getting to see how it starts is touching.

The Druid Series 8

Books by Marata Eros. Rachel is just an ordinary girl who goes out Friday night to a night-club with her slutty bff. I really don’t know what to write about it.

The entire book was exciting to read. Want to Read saving…. Read on at your own risk. April rated it really liked it Dec 30, Fans of mate-bonding and super-protective she’s mine!

The Druid Series 8 (The Druid Series, #8) by Marata Eros

Baird was my hero unfortunately his jealousy pushed Tarrin daughter Siana away. I really struggled with this book. I want to start off by saying I really enjoyed the series of the Druid Breeders and was excited to see that the author continued with the story by writing the novel and I reos forward to this novel turning into a series. Dec 19, Susan Hawes rated it did not like it Shelves: Here were a couple of vampires, casually discussing eroa would have sex with me first. This novel establishes the back-story for the Druids, Reapers, Factions and Exotics that we have come to know in the Series, but may not have understood the connections in their entirety.