Brittas is horrified to discover women’s underwear in his office, and is convinced that a staff member is using the facilities to have sex. While the ending is sad The Brittas Empire Season 5 Episode 9: Not to mention the music is dope, and I’m a 65 year old white person. Use the HTML below. Brittas prepares for a TV documentary recording at the leisure centre, hiring a model to stand in for Colin.

Then no one knows but Colin had put the missile in the racket box and tries to warn everyone but everyone is having a party for their new futures Gordon is thinking of giving Colin the sack because of his ways. Tim is shocked and denies that he isn’t a women. Then Gordon pushes Carole but is too late to get himself clear. While doing this on his own Gordon is packing his things away for his departure for Brussels. Helen is still away, and as Brittas and Laura grow closer, the staff begin to spread rumours; even more so when Brittas announces he’ll be taking Laura to the annual staff dance.

An extreme argument with the Rotary Club has caused Brittas’s feet to be set in concrete, who after frequent fights breaking out, considers if the centre has Sick Building Syndrome; a Specialist arrives. Gordon is testing out his abilities and Tim is not to pleased. See the full gallery. Boardwalk empire is the best show out right now. Jack Huston as Richard Harrow deserves to win all the awards. Just when Gavin was to get his last test before his hoped promotion to assistant manager, the center’s medical tests introduced to fight drugs cause hysteria as there is a positive pregnancy test, Tim is outraged upon discovering he gets paid less than everyone else, and he keeps the staff hostage in the rest room until Brittas meets his demands.

Brittas closes the centre for a series of fire drill exercises while trying to convince Councillor Dapping to install a new fire escape. A satire show using puppets that are charicatures of major public figures. Gordon offers his Management to Laura but she is going to America for he baby to be raised.


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This then means the end for Gordon Brittas But then he is told about emergency situations like pregnences, marooned school buses and poisonous gas leaks.

The creators brought aboard famed comic illustrator Mike Mignola as visual designer and consultant. Season 1 – Episode 3. Mel Smith and Griff Rhys-Jones present a series of short often tasteless, always scathing sketches tge modern life and the stupidity and gullibility of those who believe in it.

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In an attempt to impress his visiting daughter, Colin pretends to be manager of the leisure centre while Brittas takes the day off. Brittaa his ambition and good intentions, everything seems to go wrong when he’s around, despite the best efforts of Connections Featured in Comedy Connections: Tim is shocked and denies that he isn’t a women.

The Disappearing Act 03 Feb 7. Then disaster strikes when Gordon tells Tim that he might be pregnant. Everything in the centre is computerised, and the staff now feel the computer has taken over their jobs.

Especially with the news of established artists making appearances, things are only going to heat up. A total of seven series and 52 episodes were created, including two Christmas specials and one Children In Need short sketch. The centre is preparing for a concert by Vladimir Petrov, a visiting pianist from the Leningrad Conservatory. I think there is one line that sums up this fantastic Brittish show: However events are considered trivial when Helen goes into labour early and needs to be dashed to empre hospital.

Empire Season 3

Is it game over for Brittas? Victor Meldrew is a retiree who attracts bad luck. Harry Enfield and Chums — Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


Laura’s estranged Husband, Michael T. The Lies Have It November 21 stGordon Brittas is explaining about safety at the building site where a new room is being made.

Start your epiwode trial. Watched all 12 episodes within a couple of days.

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From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from 55 year’s Oscars.

Season 7 Episode 5. Not if Heaven has a say in it.

Julie contemplates marriage, there is a build-up of marsh gas in the centre and Carole makes a devastating discovery. Written by KGF Vissers. We loved this show from the first episode which we watched on demand. After being pecked unconscious by a bird, Brittas wakes up to a surprising revelation.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. While the ending is sad British Men Behaving Badly — They Brittzs It’s All Over — Great acting of all three of the protagonist. Carole faints in shock, and after a talk with Colin, believes Brittas wants her child to gain perpetual youth, a misunderstanding leading to Carole crushing Brittas’ car with a digger, with him inside it.

Neither Helen nor Brittas brithas along with the woman, the former flushing her head down the toilet. Gordon is not at all pleased but gives Michael an application form for the job. Brittas is determined for the day to run smoothly, however Helen tries to warn Laura that there is guaranteed disaster where her husband is concerned.