Pseudosections produced from data collected after rain storms showed that this conductive layer increased in depth by up to 1 meter and there appears to be vertical conductive anomalies through the playa floor that may indicate infiltration pathways through the clay floor of the playa. We suggest that the salt polygons are the surface expression of the porous medium convection, with salt crystallizing along the positions of the convective downwellings. In some cases, the trail starts narrow and gets wider, as in this photo. The playa lakes region is one of the most intensively cultivated areas of North America. The animal disturbance was provided by trampling produced from one and ten passes along the length of the wind tunnel by a kg Angus-Hereford cross cow. The mineral surveys constitute one aspect of the suitability studies. The undergraduate applied geophysical class of Texas Tech University conducted a geophysical survey of a playa lake approximately 10 miles northwest of Lubbock Texas.

Playas are depressional geomorphic features on the U. Our assumptions into the genesis of polygons on playas is based on our fortuitous experience of witnessing a fissure in the process of formation on Panamint Playa after a flash flood May ; our observations revealed a paradox that saturation of the upper playa crusts contributes to the establishment of some desiccation features. Numerical simulation results also show that ETg from desert playas primarily is limited by differences in hydraulic properties between alluvial fan and playa sediments and, to a lesser extent, by salinity-based groundwater density contrasts. Ephemerally wet playas are conspicuous features of arid landscapes worldwide; however, they have not been well studied as habitats for microorganisms. This type of regional overview of water filled basins in the normally arid southern High Plains is illustrated by bands 6 and 7, ERTS E Braidplain, floodplain and playa lake , alluvial-fan, aeolian and palaeosol facies composing a diversified lithogenetical sequence in the permian and triassic of South Devon England.

Dominant crops range from cotton in southern areas to cereal grains in the north. Integration tqbakh carbon-isotope chemostratigraphic data with trace fossil assemblages suggests that a significant hiatus may be present within the Lower Member of the Deep Spring Formation, potentially impacting the placement of the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian boundary in eastern California and western Nevada.

During the very protracted breeding season, birds hatch from April through August. Preservation of organic matter mats and microbes would be favored in topographic lows such as channels or ponds of high salinity, particularly those receiving silica-rich groundwaters.


Analysis of facies sequences suggests that repeated vertical facies associations result from transgressive regressive episodes of variable time episodf. The wester of the two playa retains water better than does the eastern playa. It is estimated that there is anywhere between 22, and 60, playas present. The initial Study Plan document, which outlines the background, objectives and methods for the first two years is available as Appendix 1.

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A later fall in watertable, probably resulting from climatic change. This work has the potential to inform in situ target identification, sampling strategies, and data interpretations for future Mars Sample Return missions e.

Due to the low gradient of the bottom in most playa lakes cm km -1the advance and retreat of lake waters due to wind stress can expose or cover many square kilometers. Topographic surveys of the playa were made to derive a contour map that would allow examination of erosive flow paths. Geohydrology and evapotranspiration at Franklin Lake playaInyo County, California; with a section on estimating evapotranspiration using the energy-budget eddy-correlation technique.

The compass is included for scale. The composition of the dust is a function of the mineralogical content of the playa and associated brines. More importantly, Mg-sulfates appear in the evaporative salts within the most ancient playas Da Langtang at the northwest corner of Qaidam basin, which mark the final stage of the evaporation sequence of brines rich in K, Na, Ca, Mg, Fe, C, B, S, and Cl.

Effects of landuse and precipitation on pesticides and water quality in playa lakes of the southern high plains. Monitoring infiltration and recharge of playa lakes in the Texas Southern High Plains.

The most effective erosional processes are wind stripping of thin crusts that form on the yardang surfaces after rain events and the slumping of sediment blocks from yardang flanks.

The natural, undisturbed crust and its subjection to two levels of Bacterial succession within an ephemeral hypereutrophic mojave desert playa lake. Before this, from about 2, years ago to about 5, years ago, there are insufficient data for isopaching.

We have collected and will continue to collect additional data sets following rain storms and infiltration test for a few months. The bread-crusted reticulite is most common at proximal localities.



Expected increased precipitation variability can cause The lake is narrow, a little over a mile long, and deep, 90 to feet in places according to local lore, off soltna charts in others. These images offer a means of examining current and historical regional variations in precipitation, independent of point measurements, and thus may be especially valuable where there are few weather-monitoring programs.

Changes in the quantity of groundwater input due to water extraction for irrigation and urban supply has modified the water balance in the Fuente de Piedra playa lake. This digital product comprises a collection of age and eipsode data for the Holocene tephras of the Mono- Inyo Craters, California. The most common wintering tzbakh are mallards, northern pintails, green-winged teals, and American wigeons.

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The Mono- Inyo chain consists of domes, craters and flows that stretch for 50 km north-south, subparallel to the Sierran range front fault system. In some cases, the trail starts narrow and gets wider, as in this eppisode. There are two reasons for this.

Implications for Mars Exploration. A sample mL of the incubated bacterial-enriched peisode was then mixed with mL of fresh sulfur-brilliant-green enrichment broth and incubated in a shaker at 37 degrees C for 24 hours. These age data are not appropriate for use in dating the eruptive history of the volcanic chain, and are therefore tabbakh included in the present contribution. For all pesticides in water, the maximum measured concentrations exceeded at least one toxicity benchmark, while median concentrations did not exceed any benchmarks.

The animal disturbance was provided by trampling produced from one and ten passes along the length of the wind tunnel by a kg Angus-Hereford cross cow.

Geological Survey Professional Paperp. Friends of the Inyo: Several factors may act separately or in combination to account for this relation.