The Christmas episode of cartoon network’s “regular show” showed Santa getting shot 3 times in the chest with a gun and then falling 3,ft into a garage. And before you argue, the hypothenuse can not be congruent with any of the other two sides in a right-angled triangle. Jul 23, 16, 0 0. I can always try out for cheerleading again next year. I never needed another reason to watch this series though. Interesting situation you’ve got there Octus.

What are we gonna do? Status Not open for further replies. Look, you owe me for earlier! Remember when we were kids and they were more sly about this kinda stuff in cartoons? I told you I couldn’t do it. If people in our age group is feelin that then they are probably getting letters. This includes music visualizers and lyric videos 1. You must log in or register to reply here.

What a bad message, right? Cartoon Network initially ordered 20 episodes; Tartakovsky had hoped to expand on that,[4] but the series was not renewed for another season, as the show “did not have any toys connected to it.

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Didn’t you see it come through the rift gate? And the kiss scene really was “electrifying”. You think you would show some commitment.


Who knows what the Mutradi will send next. Sep 13, 18, Brooklyn, NY. Hey, a friend’s band is playing just around the corner. Facebook links are not permitted. My monitoring systems must have been the cause of the interference I was experiencing earlier.

Did you guys see the new Ilana promo? Weren’t they supposed to upload it weeks ago? I’m just helping her.

You really are the coolest teacher in school! We’re just as vulnerable as they are. It’s not like it’s my life or anything. All that dancing made me thirsty. Thread starter Door2Dawn Start date Dec 15, I was interested in the isosceles triangles. Animaniacs, looney tunes, etc.

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Maybe you should’ve thought about that and studied harder. I watch the show when I can so I have not watched every episode, but this real? A-after all, I-I am in that class, too. Shqke a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I really want symbionic titan to get more episodes.

There are tons of gravel-voiced singers with long hair fronting death metal bands. The guy on the couch who is actually a robot is tutoring her and helping her out. Now, make some bills, make the bills, make a mill. No Third Party Licensing No videos that are licensed by a third party. I do recall that in the previous scene before the tree scene they were around a lake, the main character was hatless for a bit, and had long blonde hair. Oh well, at least the mayor isn’t taking delight in what she’s doing or saying something stupid.


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For the longest time I thought it was, “I think that Hylian7 Member Dec 15, The robot teachers her to believe in herself and have more confidence in her intelligence. You can just give it to me before class tomorrow. Man I’m loving some Sym-Bionic Titan. This is such a great episode, but it REALLY helps if you’ve watched the show from the beginning episoed knew the characters, not to mention the context of the scene.

It shows clips from the new episode! Forums New posts Search forums. She smy an A on the exam after finally being convinced to study.