De la 50W pana la OCP-ul care intra in actiune la W consum DC sistemul nu a prezentat nici cel mai mic semn de instabilitate, iar acesta este primul lucru pe care trebuie sa il ofere o sursa din punctul meu de vedere. Joined Dec 28, Messages 20, Reactions 34 Points Nume utilizator Memorez cont? Noise suppression is decent and none of the results cause concern and are well within rated industry tolerance levels. Ai aflat ceva inaintea tuturor? Is the power clean? The CM Silent Pro Platinum is a high-end power supply designed to deliver top-level efficiency while providing convenience of connectivity to enthusiast-class systems. This model from Seasonic has a few advantages, which include a fully modular cabling system, seven-year warranty, a depth of 6.

I’d say it’s the opposite. And we are positive those that have extreme gaming rigs that would need such power this new Silent Pro M2 W would be any different. Yeah, there’s only so much room on the modular side for an extra connector there, but I don’t believe it’s impossible. The PSU is partially modular, when it comes to its cabling. The AXi and AXi are slated for launch a little later this week. I got an average of 1. What’s the downside of this PSU you might wonder? Especially when I get to deal with the mid-tower cases of my friends and neighbors

The included items within the bundle are good and there are plenty of cables to choose from but unfortunately there is no carry case for the multitude of cables.

Three months ago we watched the AXi test almost perfectly, and show us what the DSP design had to offer. Similarly, a computer case without any vents above the power supply, or worse where the top of the power supply butts up against the metal panels is simply not going to work here.

Don’t forget that this units packs a lot of features including a fully modular cabling design, something that is crucial with small cases inside of which space is a commodity.

Reason for thinking about getting a PSU is cause my Seasonic PSU is back from warranty they exchanged it with a new one and so i might have a chance of just paying a difference for a new one. Forget the Thermaltake though cuz if you’re looking at W range it will underdeliver most likely. This is an ideal choice for a gaming system or high grade media center when partnered with more demanding components.

Now the power supply has great looks but how does it perform?

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The unit can also become very warm, too, and does require active cooling if running at the high side of its capacity. This is the cherry on top for users that hate noisy components and seek for the quietest possible PSU for their systems. Thread starter -StrikE- Start date Aug 26, The least to say, I hate having to fold them up and search for a cavity to tuck them away from cold air’s way. I really had to stress the PSU in order to make the fan spin at high RPM, which will be nearly impossible inside of a chassis with good airflow.


In fact, when the total tally comes down, it might well be that the HXW from three years ago is a better product than today’s HX Gold and the only reason that there is a positive spin there is because even when moving back a little bit overall, this unit does not lose significant ground on the competition.

Instead, Silverstone had to use a high speed 80 mm fan.

The Corsair Link software provided very accurate power readings and did, in many cases, report efficiency that was close to the real reading. So, FSP’s looking at a good solid 8. That said, an W Power supply makes a lot more sense for a much wider audience, especially as this unit can handle an extended load of 1, watts. AC Ripple results were class leading and as expected for a new Corsair unit it was great to see the PSU operate fanless during normal system use, only requiring active cooling surxa more demanding surss.

Once you’ve got your hands on it, you’ll know where that money went, and if you’re any sort of enthusiast, it will be very apparent that your money was very well spent. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Aesthetically, the finish is corsalr good as you are likely to see, offering resistance against messy fingerprints and rough handling.

The flat cable modular design is excellent, allowing for a clean and stealthy case interior, with plenty of airflow. Load regulation is above average and we only experienced some droop ggs800w When we look at the efficiency results it is actually hard to believe there is no fan running in this unit.

Electrically, the HCGM excels over ripple suppression, displaying outstanding filtering serids thus there is virtually no ripple at all, but the regulation on the minor lines is weak, allowing the lines to fluctuate by as much as 4.

This PSU provided very good overall results, has a unique look and it is almost fully modular since only the 24pin ATX cable is fixed. You would, however, have to highly stress the PSU at high ambient in order to accomplish this.


As far as value goes, there is little to fault Corsair on.

These two high-end PSUs are both fully modular and come with six powerful 12V rails for super efficient and extremely stable supply of power. But with the added value of the Corsair Link software and the added functionality it brings to the table. As we hoped, the whisper quiet operation will be one of the primary purchasing decisions for many people.

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It obviously had serues issues whatsoever with what we threw at it, then again we reached just over Watt which is not a lot for this PSU. When it comes to the power supplies actual “job,” the HX Gold is not a significant improvement across the board compared to the HXW and in a number of ways it is a step backwards.

And if that is not enough the Silent Pro M2 entire series offers all the various forms of over, under, load and current protection.

Even when tasked above W when the fan spins up, it never becomes intrusive. Nume utilizator Memorez cont?

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Performance using up to 3 graphics cards presented no mean feat. On the other hand, we have no doubt this PSU will find its customer even at its current price. Voltage regulation, DC output quality, and efficiency are all almost identical to what was delivered gamkng the AXi.

That said, in regards to a quality power supply, they are right at the top of their respective fields. The black paint is deep and difficult corsai scratch, although it does attract finger prints fairly easily.

Concluzia e simpla, Fractal Design Tesla R2 este o sursa de calitate, cu performante electrice foarte bune, nivel de zgomot si temperaturi satisfacatoare dar a carei functionalitate este serios afectata de cablurile fixe.

This unit is extremely powerful, very stable, and an seriss boss when it comes to ripple suppression.

Noise and ripple gx800w were extremely low, making this unit a flawless product. Ti-a fost util acest mesaj? Totusi, sa nu uitam ce target are sursa de fata. The added benefit obviously is very clean looking wiring for that ultimate finish.