Airwolf follows Stringfellow Hawke , a pilot who has to retrieve the helicopter named Airwolf from the hands of its creator Dr. Hawke soon learns that a Soviet bounty-hunter Albert Paulsen is hot on the duo’s trail with orders to eliminate them. Use the HTML below. While on a job assignment to Acapulco, Mexico and unknowingly carrying a young stowaway portrayed by a young Shannen Doherty , Santini’s helicopter explodes from a bomb and crashes in a desolate mountain area. Hawke takes the tape to the F. Flight has been hijacked and crash landed into the ocean. Hawke is on a relaxing fishing trip with a doctor friend named Jason Gifford, but the tranquil setting is disturbed when two South American rebels show up and kidnap Dr. The plot thickens when upon arrival in the country, Hawke learns a rebel leader is plotting an attack on the American Embassy and to overthrow the President covertly by slowly killing him off, and win political support by framing Gifford and American involvement for the death.

He and Caitlin come looking for him with Airwolf , but they are attacked by the terrorist’s B bomber which will be used to destroy the dam. Jo is kidnapped by a Japanese businessman and forced to fly him to a nuclear power plant. Involved in the test is an attractive assistant who unbeknown to all is really an undercover KGB agent with orders to steal the schematics for Airwolf so the Russians can build their own. Time is running out for the passengers as the plane is filling with water and running out of air. A leading aircraft designer, Robert Phelps, is abducted by foreign agents to the horror of his mentally challenged son, Bobby. Kowalski abandoned the project a year after series creator Bellisario had decided to leave as well.

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The girl recovers but has lost all memory of who she is or what happened to her. In a rush to train her, Caitlin does not perform well and nearly blows up Airwolf.

John and Locke try to uncover who is plotting her demise, while Jo and Rivers stay close to the girl, but she does not believe her life is in danger once the agents reveal who they are. They go after the man responsible, who wants the land for his lumber scheme. He confronts the people that he believes are responsible and discovers that Mace Taggert Sam Melvilleanother man who was supposedly imprisoned with his brother and presumed dead, is alive and well and responsible for stealing the chopper.


Hawke discovers that his brother St.

He is later forced down and kidnapped by a group of mercenaries who also nab the money. He is injured and taken to the small town of San Maria’s hospital, but is furious that no one is looking for Jo’s downed helicopter.

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John flies Airwolf to the reactor to seal the leak. Hawke tries to contact Archangel for help, but Zeus intervenes and believes Hawke has been compromised and calls in the Zebra Squad to finish him off.

John is still alive and being held prisoner somewhere in South East Asia by a rebel mercenary group. At the same time Airwolf is off uspercopter shore of a Scottish island, while Mike infiltrates the group’s headquarters to get a code that can stop the plan.

The mastermind behind the robbery is a former associate of Caitlin who she gave piloting lessons to. Moffet with the help from his friends, while going through a series of adventures. Once again the Company tries to take possession of Airwolf after Rivers and Locke ignore orders not to proceed into Soviet airspace and retrieve information from a double agent.

The mission is being led by Colonel Combs, a man who St. The eruption shock destroys a town in a nearby valley and Hawke and Santini set down to render aid. The mercenaries take the gas canisters off the train and hand them over to their fanatical leader who has his own dubious plans for the deadly chemical.

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John and bring him back home. Kirov reluctantly agrees, and as promised, St.

Although the final title, used on-screen, is Once A Heroit can still occasionally be found billed as Heroes. He fishes the body out the river finding it to be a young girl who is barely alive and takes her to a hospital. Hawke injures his arm but Santini fairs hz1, injuring his back and is bed-ridden.


Caitlin O’Shannessy Ernest Borgnine Shadow of the Hawke; a.

In reality, the teacher is really a mastermind thief and is using the trip as cover to steal whatever priceless artifacts he can find. Hawke and Santini plan to hide Airwolf somewhere else until the satellite flies over. Episodde season four, CBS wanted to make the show into a more family-friendly, action-oriented program.

supercopter 2×07 opération sucide scène final – Vidéo dailymotion

Epiisode manages to escape and gets a message through to Santini. Hawke’s suspicions are confirmed when one of the men turns out to be a war buddy of St.

Air Force who are interested in the craft’s performance. Airwolf ‘s fuel consumption rates mean that she cannot cover the requisite distance with the “extra weight” of three passengers, so Hawke and Santini must make up the difference by removing the weapons systems, leaving the helicopter episdoe as it flies through hostile epidode.

Hawke is visiting a former Vietnam War pal named Greg Stewart and finds him in the midst of a child custody battle between him and his ex-wife, Rainey. Hawke gets suspicious when he learns Carson is somehow involved with the thugs and finds out he and McBride are running a mercy operation to retrieve dead American soldiers still being found in Vietnam.

The epsiode seems afraid of being returned to his abusive grandfather, but Jo and Rivers bring him back to the camp and decide to help make sure nothing happens to the boy. Dominic Santini Michael Halsey Jo catches a teenage boy hiding at the Santini Air hangar who has run away from a nearby wilderness youth camp.