Bhai Sukha and Bhai Jinda were kept hanging for 30 minutes. They washed the bodies and Bhai Jinda and Bhai Sukhas fathers lit the pyres at 6. Perhaps the modern world is prepared to allow State sponsored terrorism, however, the Khalsa is not. From there, they went to Durg and then Calcutta by train. No words can do justice to the martyr’s, no words. Sukhdev Singh and Harjinder Singh stood for the truth and accepted the Sikh historical tradition of acting against enemies of the Sikh Nation.

They dressed in white cholas with kesri dastaars and kamarkassas. They asked the servant in the house where Vaidiya had moved to but he wasn’t clear and they had trouble understanding his language. He went to the bazaar and bought some things. The last four years of their life were spent doing a lot of Bhagti. At quarter to 5 in the morning, police vehicles came to the Poona Gurdwara Sahib where the families were staying. The new Sikh generation now must take responsibility to fulfill the dream of Khalsa Raj. On September 17, , Bhai Sukha returned to Poona to get their weapons that were left there.

He then heard jaikaraas. Audible Download Audio Books. No relative showed any sadness but instead congratulated each other. After these rull incidents Delhi was rocked and shocked.

Bhai Jinda and General Labh Singh fooled them to think that they were police officers. They had prepared some dahee n yogourt which they then ate along with one apple each. This was a black day for the Sikh Community.

They knew the Indian State, who openly terrorized its own citizens, would frfe mete out justice to the Sikhs. For the execution, 4 Deputy Police Commissioners, 10 assistant Police Commissioners, 14 inspectors, sub-inspectors and officers had been assigned.


They arrived on August 17, Moovie Sukha and Bhai Jinda decided to punish the general who had planned the Darbar Sahib attack: Bhai Sukha and Bhai Jinda were kept hanging for 30 minutes. Guru Gobind Singh wrote in the Zafarnama: As soon as Bhai Sahib was released he ran away and vanished in the crowd. On this day Hindu fundamentalist organizations repeated history.

Three bibis from Jammu did keertan. The Singhs had also wanted to kill Gen. Search for ” The Mastermind: The police constable and soldiers were taken aback and by that time Bhai Jinda and General Labh Singh escaped. The Singhs shouted omline and made their getaway.

The new Sikh generation now must take responsibility to fulfill the dream of Khalsa Raj.

Bhai Sukha and Bhai Jindas bodies had been brought to the site in a truck. He joined with his friend Bhai Rajoo to avenge the disrespect of the Sikhs. It is said that he walked his way to Punjab because he did not want to travel in buses or trains because there were police looking for him all jina.

Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh. Police personnel were scared to go alone in his cell.

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They were stopped by police at a check point. He along with another Singh got into an accident with a truck and were arrested.

Now that is what I call confidence and quick thinking. They died for the Sikh fgee and Sikh homeland. The ashes were not given to the family. When they were lead to the gallows, they shouted jaikaaras.


Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Bhai Sukhdev Singh Sukha

Both of them had no fear of death. They had never thought that Sikh militants could strike in Delhi so daringly.

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After retiring from the army, Vaidiya had moved to Poona. Baba Ji told these beautiful Singhs that no government or power in this world could prevent them from receiving the gift of Amrit. They fully respected the Magistrate’s decision and accepted the consequences of their actions. From there, they went to Durg and then Calcutta by train. Police Officer in Pune Gurmukh Ginni Sukha’s mother Amritpal Billa They are the true sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Submissions will be rejected if the content is: Bhai Sukha left onlime home and made plans to take revenge. The family brought clothes and items for the cremation and despite police protests, insisted on doing everything themselves.

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