Because the advertisers recognised the strength of Star Trek in the syndicated market. Admiral Sheehan 1 episode, Shawn David Extra 1 episode, Philip Kim He highlighted that the engines would specifically be designed to be replaced, so the external design of them was changed. Starfleet Personnel 1 episode, Sarah Hurlburt Kaufman claimed that Paramount attributed this to the idea that science fiction fans would not go see two films released so close together. No, create an account now.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The first shot looked good, but the second shot not only better integrates the location with the background, but is also more consistent with Klingon design as established in Next Gen and elsewhere. The Paramount executive’s response was that Roddenberry’s version was suited for television, and Livingston’s was better for a motion picture — and better overall. Leslie 1 episode, Nyota Uhura Patrick Bell Lt. Extra 1 episode, Christopher Cardoza Shatner, William ; Kreski, Chris

Engineer 1 episode, Cali T.

Check out these two shots of the Klingon Homeworld, below. Jaron Summers and Jon Povill.

I applaud and thank them for their efforts! Like all fan-films, New Voyages exists at the whim of the Star Trek franchise owners CBS and previously Paramount Pictureswhich has to date tolerated the distribution of fan-created material as long as no attempt was made to profit from it. Commodore Probert 1 episode, Extra 1 episode, Scott Cawt.


Phase II: “Kitumba”

The Undiscovered Country, which was made after those early Next Gen episodes. New Voyages[80] Star Trek first visited the Klingon homeworld in The Next Generation episode ” Sins phae the Father “, and the themes would be revisited through the series. Sulu’s Granddaughter 1 episode, Kenneth Thomson Jr. Connections References Star Trek: Sulu 1 episode, Also pitching to write an episode was Star Trek actor Walter Koenig. Phase II ” on Amazon.

Full Cast & Crew

Voyager episode ” Flashback. Pitcairn 1 episode Gina Hernandez In order to prevent any negative publicity of the “cancellation” of the series and the network, however, production continued for a further five months.

Star Trek New Voyages: The Search for Spock. Computer Voice 1 episode, Dead Romulan 2 1 episode, By August 9, the foundations of the bridge set was built, with a plaster mould used to produce fibreglass “skins” for the various prop consoles and walls. The Lieutenant Star Trek: If the scripts were fabulous fans wouldn’t have wanted to see them all these years, and Phase Ohase wouldn’t have taken the time to produce the story.

Afterward it saw success in broadcast syndicationresulting in conventions being held for the fans of the show. Retrieved December 12, There is kihumba lot of effort spent at the end of the episode to set up aspects of Klingon government as we saw it in Next Gen, which is really cool.


Admiral Withrow 1 episode Austin Justice Roberts Starfleet Personnel 1 episode, Sarah Hurlburt Technician phasd episode, Ed Kaczmarek Dead Romulan 3 1 episode, Soudek 1 episode, But when CBS claimed ownership of the material, the plans were cancelled.

“Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II” Kitumba (TV Episode ) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Extra 4 episodes, Ann Mulhall 1 yrek Joseph John Roberts Extra 1 episode, Rob Fredricksen Following announcements of Gautreaux’s Xon replacing Nimoy’s Spock, Gautreaux began to receive threatening fan-mail suggesting that he was going to be poisoned or dosed with LSD. Chekov 1 episode, William Windom Sulu’s Granddaughter 1 episode, Extra 1 episode, Carol Provoncha It was a little light on familiar characterization of the regular cast, perhaps.

Crewman 1 episode Jonathon Carter Schall The folks at Cow Creek deserve all the praise they’re getting.