The subplot involving Wesley and Picard is actually pretty good, mostly because of the issue of Picard’s image. Vulcan Logician , Jun 6, Then again, maybe not. Nothing about the Pakled works or make a lick of sense. Again, no explanation is given. I had a lot of laughs at the expense of the Pakleds.

Retrieved from ” https: No, create an account now. The beefing up of the photon torpedoes is a good way to do that. Did anyone see Trump’s speech about the smart people. Pulaski has to be whisked in to save Picard’s life-hospitals haven’t got much better in three hundred years then. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nobody ever said they were great conversationalists. As you can probably tell, the biggest problem with this episode are the Pakleds and how they are written.

Trivia The original plan was for the Captain’s yacht to be used to transport Capt.

Latex Zebra Tue, Mar 18,5: Also Riker’s decisions in this episode make zero sense. Share this Rating Title: Views Read Edit View history. Pulaski can save him in the end.

Amongst my friends and even my Wife, if we have car trouble someone will always say ‘My ship is broke, can you make it go.

Wesley must complete his Starfleet Academy entrance exams and is booked by shuttle to travel to a nearby starbase. The episode is so bad, but every time someone says strong or smart in an odd way, me and my Dad will look at each other and say either, “We are strong” or “We are smart. Picard goes along with him when Pulaski orders him to have heart surgery at the starbase’s medical facility, for reasons Picard would like to keep as quiet as possible.


I suppose there had to be come down from Q Who, and boy was this it.

As for the main plot point and the aliens du jour, all I can say is I felt great relief every time they switched back spisode the shuttle craft, and that despite knowing that Wesley would be waiting there!

The Next Generation Season 2. They steal and scavenge and when their cobbled together ship breaks down they decide to keep Geordi LaForge who has come over to effect repairs.

As you can probably tell, the biggest problem with this episode are the Pakleds and how they are written. Next Generation Season 2 “. Picard figures that the crew must now know about his condition and Pulaski assures him that they don’t care. The Pakleds are some hilariously stupid race, aren’t they? Watching in reminded me of The Orville.

And Picard travels all the way to a starbase for his cardiac surgery, but then when something goes wrong, nobody there is trained to handle it? They said that while Picard’s operation created some drama, this element was lost when the Pakleds were on screen.

That makes no sense! The Pakleds appear onscreen to announce that they are ransoming Geordi for all computer knowledge aboard the Enterprise. This would be staar well and good if the Pakleds were played for laughs – but they’re not. With the access, LaForge can then neutralize the Pakled threat. epispde

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Feb 19, Location: Nothing about the Pakled works or make a lick of sense. Back to the Enterprise. Oct 28, Location: Our computer banks are non-negotiable. And to all you dingbats up above quoting the Pakleds at every opportunity, I say– The river Temarc, in winter!

Can we all agree that the Pakled’s must be removed But the bumbling way that Riker put Geordi’s life in danger, one of the ONLY times that Troi had some advice to give that was not completely obvious and she is summarily ignored, the ridiculousness of this group of aliens being able to maintain space trem and integrate technology from other species This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat I’m not much of a Ron D.


I had a lot of laughs at the expense of the Pakleds. The continuity editor was asleep at the wheel.

Samaritan Snare

Is that why they remind us in the dialogue “he doesn’t like kids”? Picard to Starbase for immediate heart surgery, but the producers decided to nix the idea due to budget constraints, and to go with a traditional shuttlecraft instead. No, create an account now. You managed to make your ship sound dumb as well. TimoJun 6, Doctor Pulaski Christopher Collins Sonya Gomez Tzi Ma — Biomolecular specialist.

The Next Generation Star Trek: And my folks got it, I was over the moon. Yes No Report this.

Initially, there was no clear idea of what the Pakleds should look like, other than that they should appear as harmless as possible. All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from May Articles with permanently dead external links Use mdy dates from January Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Pages using deprecated image syntax.

Nov 27, Location: