Just watch for the signal, when we take over the club from him. There’s something on the tip of my brain, some piece of information The president walks up, a smile plastered across his face. The Wocky explains, “Let’s just say it might come in handy later on. The Wocky sidles up and whispers, “Don’t worry, we’ll be making our move soon. Ok, now we have to look for something to grease up those gears! Your starmap will now have changed.

Go to the observatory and look in your telescope. Instead, it lets you add a star to the constellation you’re currently building without drawing a line. He’s an old Lenny, but despite his age, his eyes are still sharp and bright. Go into Faerieland and then into Faerie City. Our Astronomy Club is growing by the day! Look at the red light at the top right part of the picture.

Worked Example Following recent confusion, here is an example of how it works.

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Welcome to neotacular Forums Help Us Out! That seems to me altavor unforgivable crime! There’s something on the tip of my brain, some piece of information Just follow the instructions staf keep looking, you will find it. You have discovered The Farmer constellation. Enter star data above Farmer: But it’s still a cool little item, isn’t.

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And of course another chapter has appeared in the Book of Ages. He sits down at his desk and sighs. No registered users and 4 guests.

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We’d be glad to have you in our club! Another betrayer among the ranks of the Heroes!

What’s the big idea putting your grubby hands all over the windowsill?! I can’t wait to tell everyone that one of my club members has found two whole constellations!

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Listen, you know Finneus, the archivist, right? Several other characters have comments to make on this:. I still cannot accept that Fauna, Jerdana, or even Altador himself could be responsible for this! The Astronomy Club members once again cheer as you enter the mappper.

We must find out. If it doesn’t, try the next combination.

Neopets Altador Plot Constellation Finder

You get a Shiny Astrolabe! If you are having trouble drawing the constellations, try using the Add Star function to select each individual star listed, then switch back to Connect Stars to connect them.

My favorite Meepit plushie is gone! So I click the bowl on the left twice, then the bown on the right. Go back and talk to the Lenny, Astronomy Club, Janitor altadlr see what they have to say.

The janitor says, “It sure is interesting watching those lights on the ceiling light up. Hit “Find Stars” and our finder will ppot you exactly where your stars are at. Apparently we’re the only club in Altador that’s actually accepting new members at the moment.

This one is the first to rise: Click on your telescope and search until you find one of the coordinates. The archivist says, “Ah, another clue? He lets out a sigh. Go to Donny here and ask him to repair it. Looks like a telescope is missing. Perhaps there is a matching pair of lines somewhere to be found. So I click the bowl etar the left twice, then the bowl in the middle.


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Clues by the Lenny: You need to make the amount of NP you have match the rate of inflation ignore the decimal point. Go, and find the next constellation!

Her eyes, in fact? The archivist says, Amazing! And take the broken Astrolabe to the toy repair shop, it gets fixed nice and shiny! By the way, Everyone’s star formation is different from another. If the item does not appear, you should try the next shop but please note, the inflation rate may be different. I wonder what it could refer to?

altadro If you now make your way back to the hall of heroes you can climb the stairs up to the observatory. In the very back-right corner, you’ll see a familiar character. Once there, click the telescope stand to start stargazing! Now go find that constellation. If you don’t, the correct stars can be rejected!