Follow Killbane’s vehicle with Shaundi and get near it to finish the mission. Yes No Report this. You don’t get to own the city if i remember correctly. Shoot the soldiers and drop helicopters on the roof from here, then open fire on the red helicopter one last time to finally bring it down and end the mission. Angel de la Muerte voice Sasha Grey It would’ve made no sense if it showed up and Share this Rating Title: If you feel that there is room for improvement in this guide, please say so in the comments.

Kill him and take his minigun to help fight off two more Flamethrower Brutes that will come rushing in from behind you. I don’t suppose I can replay one of these missions? After the last deal, all you have to do is protect Zimos on the drive home to complete the mission. Head down to Kinzie’s hideout for this mission. Head to the first canister of zombie virus and use shots from the Sonic Boom to knock it into the water. You’ll now be in control of a tank. I just pressed A, and the screen cleared.

This will be your third mission for Angel.

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DTS playstation 3 version Dolby Digital all versions. It sets on fire anyone you taunt OR compliment. Head over to Kinzie’s place to begin.

Move Click to Crouch RS: Completing this mission unlocks more “Trafficking” activities and Zimos’s “Escort” mission. After the last deal, all you have to do is protect Zimos on the drive home to complete the mission.

Once he’s weakened, run up and finish him. Use the Sonic Boom to knock all of the explosive charges into the water while taking out STAG guards when they get in the way. It works because it’s understood that the game is just about having a good time. Head from here to the helicopter and get yourself in the air.


Let’s talk about our choices, shall we? (SPOILERS!)

Fight the Decker programs on srag way, and you’ll encounter a new rule. The Third doesn’t have any of these because it doesn’t have to.

At the end, you’ll enter a large control room. Though for some reason during The Third Way, he will always be wearing his mask when he’s running towards his jet. Starting this mission will take you straight into the ring: Another roadblock will be just a few feet ahead of the last one. If you couldn’t save all four women in the first group, just head to another objective marker and save another group to bring back to the designated location.

During the fight, he can employ the movement rules from before to inhibit you, though these aren’t too problematic if you tsag still. Head to the docks to intercept a barge full of Morningstar thugs and their female prisoners.

Once you’ve made your choice, get out of here. Shortly afterward, you’ll receive a new mission to protect the north side of the building from incoming tanks, so head back over there. With the bombs on the first level gone, head up the scaffolding and start blasting those stav the next level off of the building.

I could disobey Burt Reynolds. Go up top and join your friends at the vault door. Also you’re a toilet. Hence the name of the mission. You’ll take cover in a warehouse to begin the mission. You’ll get the “We’re Taking Over” achievement. The Third ” on Amazon.

Finally, you’ll have to face not one but two flamethrower brutes. If you have a rocket rs3 or Predator missiles, now would be a good time to use them on these planes. Go to the Image as Designed building to begin this mission. The Statue being destroyed is what triggers the autorization to use the Daedalus. Inside, open the shop menu and add whatever customizations to your car that you want.


When that’s done, eliminate all Morningstar gang fjlm in the area with the help of your newly freed women. You have only a limited amount of time before all of the bombs on the island explode. I may be “The Boss” and the leader of one of the most feared gangs in history, but that doesn’t mean I’m a completely heartless bastard.

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While skydiving, the controls remain the same, except that pressing A X on PS3 will flip you between facing up and facing down. Head to the marked objective, and eliminate the surrounding stag vehicles on the rooftops.

So that explains where they come from. Run over 15 pedestrians, then head toward the gas station and crash into the fuel pump to cause a chain reaction. In order to survive, you have to take over their strongholds, and kill the gang kingpins. When you reach the security room, take out the guards and disable the security. Sta missions are functionally identical to this one.

Now jump down and parachute with Y to get down to the helicopter. The tower will be destroyed for the rest of the game. You can either bring them to Matt, or keep the hos for yourself. Approach Killbane and finish him. Call Pierce from your Mission app to begin this mission.