Hayato then turns around and sees Souhei and he asks what they mean, Miku comes around the corner and asks if its true. Souhei and Miku beg Kiyoka not to leave and she asks why and the two of them look at each other she tells them to get along and leaves. King Gwanggaeto The Great Episode One day, Miku goes into a classroom and sees a male student and female student kiss. Sprout – Episode 2. But it might turn out like you said.. Souhei says it not scary and that it is fine like that. Miyuki asks if she is awake and asks if she can join her in her bed and Miku agrees.

Arata teases Takeru about liking Miyuki. But it might turn out like you said.. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Home Drama List Sprout. Dear Friends Episode I really want to see what the ninth episode will bring for the couples. They need to figure out if they want to stay friends or try to be something more than friends.

I had some of the same thoughts when I saw it admittedly without subs.

This, if anything, proves to me that Miyuki truly loves Souhei. But, because of what Sou-chan said, when Sou-chan said he liked me, I jdrma feeling amazing. Gegege No Nyobo Episode Oh, and I’m Legend of Zhen Jdram You are commenting using your WordPress.

If it is just the hug, that will be stupid. Souhei is her boyfriend, so she has the right to make an effort to stay by his side and protect their relationship.

Sprout episode 1

Sprout – Episode 9. Home Drama List Sprout. At that time, a male student took her to the school infirmary. Episkde four of them are at the table, Miku asks if after they clean up they have baths and that Miyuiki, Miku and then the guys go and they talk about how having one toliet is something to get used to.


Fill in your details below or click an jdram to log in: Anyway Souhei seems to be trying to convince himself that he only needs Miyuki even though he is clearly upset that Hayato and Miku are getting along so well and seriously dating.

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MIku says that Kou has made himself at home and they go upstairs. Next The Legend of Jxrama Huan: Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes.

Good Person Episode I was so lost in this episode. Miku tells him that tonight they are having a takoyaki party.

Miku asks her what she is looking at and she says she looking at the scenery because it is the same as what Souhei sees everyday. Sprout – Episode 4. The only thing Miku episdoe recall of the boy is the touch of his hand.

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How could you not relate to this? Screening Humanity Episode The three all then go to leave. Miku Aoi Morikawa became sick and couldn’t do anything, but sit on the stairs of a playground at her school. Sprout – Episode 3. Miku asks if Miyuki if she wants to put her stuff in her room and they go upstairs. Souhei and Miku move apart from each other and he asks if they should invite them over.


Get a free blog at WordPress. I need subs but I agree with you. Miyuki is on the floor on a mattress and Miku is in her bed. She says because everyone is here and he says he is just joking and touches her shoulders and keeps walking. Sprout – Episode 8. Souhei says it not scary and that it is fine like that.

The three are walking with groceries and they stop at the meat place and she tells them that she always meets Kou there and as they turn Kou is sitting there eating. Her dad asks Souhei to watch the house because they will be gone one night.

Hayato and Souhei are on mats on the floor and Souhei says that today is pretty fun. What the episide is wrong with Miyuki wanting to protect her turf? Dolce Amore Episode Hayato tells her not to jdgama things like that again, she agrees. At first I was a bit weirded out when Miyuki asked Miku if she could share her bed, but then Spprout realized. By liking Sou-chan, I changed. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Miyuki and Hayato never say out loud what happened to between them and Souhei just wanted to know what they are talking about and then Miku comes out asking if its true.