Turns Megumi can be quite feisty. Don’t close your eyes for love, it’s the best thing out there. Jun and Ryuu promised me not to tell anyone I was on a date with Yahiro once and Tadashi is to stupid to know Yahiro wanted to kiss me. Hikari must go on a date with Kei on Sunday, as promised when he was recovering from a fever. It had this and that! She looked down and could imagine him right there looking at her when she started to sing….

I felt kinda pissed that they just cramped Hikari’s being sick into this episode like that. Hikari being sick was soo hilariouus I got a little something for my third favorite side-pairing. Megumi was with Akira and Hikari in the greenhouse. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hikari joins Yahiro and Chitose at their villa in order to find out why Yahiro’s relationship with Kei and Akira is so strained, but ends up becoming his prisoner so that Yahiro can force Akira to see him again.

A lot of those episodes could have been thrown out.

Why did he write me a letter? But not like this. At last i can hear megumi talking Akira was in front of her. Comment by Dindae — September 16, How do I recognize him? The guys we’re still not here.

Comment by Anonymous — December 19, Not as good as the last episode but still good. Meanwhile, Aoi has approached the Director of Hakusenkan and leaves her with no choice but to lock up the S.


Spefial by Enili — August 14, A KeixHikari chapter released as a scanlation? They realized that when it was too late.

Megumi-chan… Yahiro looked at the girl he loves and wrapped his arms around her waist once again. I can’t believe they put Megumi slecial Yahiro’s date with Hikari being sick in the same episode though! It almost megummi it worth missing an awesome, free baseball game because I was sick almost. I feel so bad for you”. We did this because we want you to be happy. When Kei couldn’t take it anymore and punched a hole in the punching bag from the sexual tension i died.

Which makes sense since Megumi is my tied with Sakura for second favorite SA girl the pairs go together. Entries and comments feeds.

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I thought I saw you in the preview! She could hate Tadashi only because he ruined her first kiss. The oldest of them is a girl and her parents are looking for the perfect man for her. This series has really picked up recently!

Next question…do I expect a sequel?

After spending the day together, she realizes she loves him – but stops short of a confession. I have not read the manga but the one thing i have noticed that with the exception of Ryuu, episoxes is getting hitched up. And those damn crayons… may you drown in wax, Gonzo, or get turned into a candle and get slowly melted away. So bad it is end now.

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Didn’t he really wanted to kiss me? Comment by shana — August 31, That Sunday Megumi was at the park where she first sang to Yahiro. Indeed, the chapters were simply thrown together in this episode, kind of weird. Comment by Angelica — September 16, Do you want to lose Megumi to? Simplicity has a new home, but I’m still blogging! Finally, Yahiro saw Megumi. The greenhouse is vandalized and it seems that Hikari has a hunch on who may have committed the act.


This brief moment in the anime pretty much made my day. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. It cannot be censored, that is the reaction Did not expect this happening whatsoever you fucking go anime-Yahiro. Every time we saw something touching between Megumi and Yahiro it was immediately followed by a Kei, Hikari sexual tension moment lol.

Is that a smile I see? So nice and calm…. I felt kinda pissed that they just cramped Hikari’s being sick into this episode like that.

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Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Comment by amayalee — August 12, Or maybe just a montage of scenes epksodes the manga. And thus, to keep this mood going, they decided to grant my every wish along the way.