Should your Speech skill be at least 75, you are able to convince your side that the minor hold has some small advantage. I need to ensure that nothing is agreed to here that violates the terms of the White-Gold Concordat. Riften and The Rift are given to the Imperials no choice. I believe this because Ulfric tells of the beginning of The Jagged Crown, saying that I will need to talk to Galmor to run an errand. You go to the leader, do a task kill an ice wraith or empty a fort of bandits , take oath, get crownor2. Therefore, the exact dialogue you hear may differ slightly from any provided quotations.

This will start the next quest The Battle for Fort Sungard. The Blades are represented by Delphine and Esbern. It depends on what side the Dragonborn has joined at this point in the game, or stayed neutral. We will do whatever I decide is in the best interests of Skyrim. Sign up using Email and Password. The Battle for Fort Dunstad.

I had join the Stormcloaks early on in the game but only completed the first mission. Are we going to let Ulfric dictate terms to us before the negotiations even start? On the PC, it is possible to use the console to advance through the quest by entering setstage CWObj stagewhere stage is the number of the stage you wish skkyrim complete.

Also, there is a master locked door with a chest behind it that is found below the entrance to Korvanjund that has some good loot. All remaining quests for that hold are skipped, and you need to return to Windhelm to receive the next assignment from Ulfric.

Posted February 21, – We are not negotiating with her, is that clear? The scores associated with each choice in the negotiation are summarized in the tables in the following sections, for the Imperial and Stormcloak variants of the quest. Why should we give it up now? They are getting to be a problem. Are you so blind to our danger that you can’t see past your petty disagreements? I thought we were here to discuss a truce!


Skyrim i can’t do the quest called season unending and join the stormcloaks?

The Greybeards have never involved themselves in political affairs. Ulfric, why so hostile? Elisif, are you really going to be a party to this foolishness? If you fail the persuasion check you instead have unenxing fall back on “You asked my opinion.

Let us know how it works out either way.

She’s part of the Imperial delegation. The large range of possible holds under discussion means that there are many possible dialogues during seasob discussion. The following table summarizes the options available during negotiation if you have started Joining the Stormcloaks. Just save right before the quest. You go to the leader, do a task, get crown, do oath. Selecting the topic “Reporting in” causes Galmar to assign you a specific quest that needs to be completed.

Most colorful complaint from Ulfric: Each of the following unendinng is offered if availableand can be accepted or declined until the score reaches zero or there are no more options. Directly south of Snowpoint Beacon.

If an entry is marked as “Finishes Quest” it means the quest disappears from the Active Unendinv list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest. This is our homeland, Tullius.

Season Unending

This was done intentionally by the developers to prevent various quest conflicts, and generally means that you need to progress further in the Civil War. If you ie an Imperial soldier, and the treaty is against them, Tullius will claim you are not loyal, saying “You swore an oath of loyalty to the Emperor, do you remember that?

Skyri, instead your side is left at a disadvantage, you are accused of betraying your side, but there are no permanent repercussions. The arrival of Delphine and Esbern provokes a small scene because of the mutual dislike between them and the Greybeards, but in the end they put aside their differences for the duration of the council. The location of the camp has been added to your map, but normally it is an undiscovered location, meaning that you cannot fast travel to the sesaon.


Now, my solution is to simply try and complete The Jagged Crown while the quests are glitched. David Admin 4, Posts.

Arngeir Starting the Meeting. As soon as you do and confirm you want to join, you have started their quest line.

Season Unending Bug :: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim General Discussions

Even the Greybeards must bend to the winds of change, it seems. I’ve got a lot of hours in this game, and this has never happened before, it’s really annoying! If you instead suggest the minor hold, your side will question the decision, and give you another chance to opt for the major hold. I gave it to you,” which forces a reluctant acceptance of your decision. Ulfric Stormcloak’s initial response to the Greybeards’ message: I can’t confirm that this will work, but I’m planning on going through the dungeon to find out as soon as I locate the dungeon.

Ulfric if compensation denied: Falkreath and its hold are given to the Stormcloaks. The Greybeards are the only group who command enough respect to broker a truce in the civil war. He grows more powerful with every soldier slain in your pointless war! That’s enough out of you.

I went and completed the quest and it finally worked and I continued my main story. The discussion continues after this sponsored message. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Additionally, if you allowed Elenwen to stay, she will begin to respond to the speech, but either Tullius or Ulfric will interrupt. The side that is currently getting the worse end of the deal announces the terms are completely unacceptable and threatens to walk out.