Now Sun Woo and Ji Dwi, I wish their friendship had been established sooner as well but I find that Ji Dwi thinking of him as his only friend and Sun Woo hating him makes the situation more tragic. I feel like I just watched the whole thing already – no need to actually see the drama. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kim Min-jung and newcomer actress Jung Eun-byul. Those boys knowing sunwoo as a half breed were already making fun of him or not treating him as equal.. Sunwoo learns really fast.

Sun-woo thinks that the symbol means that the king killed Mak Mun. But Hyun Chu thinks this could turn out to be beneficial to the king. Well the rest you can guess. No need for a flashback. The lawyer, scandalised, urges Ralph to destroy the will, but to no avail. Same, but I think it’s out of fear, like that she’ll manipulate his innocent feelings for her and that it could end up leading him to his death or perhaps turning against his own friends More pictures of JSW please! I would like to know his motivations, and why he was always so distant from Ah Ro.

I still dont understand the significance of it. Don’t try to look cool!

Usually I don’t have anything against her. His statement is calculated to shock the officials, and it works beautifully. This is all just my theory, of course. Lucky January 26, at 1: Well the rest you can guess.

He only glue every puzzle together from his encounter with everybody around him. Ji-gong asks what he should do to the woman who killed his wife and son and threatened his daughter, but he answers his own question — he must kill her and her son.


Our main six characters could be further developed. UmbrellaMan January 25, at 4: This means that the opponent could’ve been killed, so Sun Woo wins. The kid may be observant sinopdis involved than he appears.

We all thought that was just Go Ara’s bad acting episove then Sooyeun does the same although to be fair I didn’t mind because the reason she was crying is minor unlike say when AR was crying when she thought SunWoo is dead.

DRAMA KOREA: Thorn Birds

I’ll just assume that they try to play the scene for comedy episodde Soo yeon is just like that because Soo ho is around. More pictures of JSW please!

Still itching to know more about Yeo Wool, because we’ve been seeing the background of the others but there’s very sparse information about him. So, even behind the scenes his hair was a struggle. In fact, I particularly love that about this show — it feels as if any of these characters could be the lead in their own dramas, if ton story were being told from a different angle.

I think he’s a goner. He shows a very good base.

I cringe hard watching him pick her up like that. She goes looking for Sun-woo, and catches up to him just as Princess Sookmyung approaches him. After 5 min preview, i am in too: Liz February 27, at 2: I’ll watch this, Totally win.

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She looked genuinely flustered when he carrier her However Sun Woo didn’t fall, and hopefully won’t fall, and will be smart about all his next moves. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Soo Yeon’s crying scene which mirrored Aro’s had me thinking they could have been directed to cry like that -maybe for a lighter, younger effect?


Minister Park declared he wanted to make Banryu the king. Right and men’s mane of glory, top knot or whatever each country calls it has been symbolic of strength, honor, status etc in many cultures.

Mellyblog: Sinopsis Thorn Birds Episode 20 Final

And the second girl seems really mean and all. I can’t miss one moment of Suho, especially in civvies, or Yeowool flirting. I liked the princess at first, but now I just feel like saying ‘go away’ every time she shows up and orders people around. He has come to say goodbye, as he is leaving Australia for Rome. The show puts too much focuses on love triangle which we know who will be the winner anyway and DJ as a king.

The lawyer, scandalised, urges Ralph to destroy the will, but to gorn avail. Please enter your username or epjsode address.


There, at last, the lovers consummate their passion, and Ralph realises that despite his ambition to be the perfect priest, his desire for Meggie makes him a man like other men.

She seems to habe her own demons as well, she is also the result of sjnopsis unfairness and tragedies in her life.

Can you not stand hours of slapping? Figured that Moo Myung would be the king’s place holder once he put on Sammaekjong’s bracelet.